I go to the bathroom ALL OF THE TIME...help!
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Ab - November 23

DH & I are on month 3 of ttc. I have been trying to chart this month, bbt & OPK's. Well, on the directions for the OPK it says that you should NOT go to the bathroom for at least 4 hours before testing. Well, they are crazy if they think that I can wait that long! By the time that I get to three hours I think that I am going to pop & there is no way that I can make it another hour!! (I talked about this to my family dr. awhile back & he said that frequent urination was nothing to worry about...he did some tests...all negative). but I'm wondering if this may give me false negatives on my OPK's? The past 2 days my negative line has been getting darker, but it's still not quite as dark as the positive line. I don't know what else to do...please help!


sheena - November 23

The exact same thing is happening to me and i have a kidney infection that is why!


April - November 23

Frequent urination means either a bladder infection or Kidney Infection. I currently am dealing with the beginning stages of a bladder infection as I am prone to them, and I experience the same thing when I have them.


ab - November 23

Do you have any pain with a kidney/bladder infection, or just going to the bathroom all of the time? What treatment are you using?? Is there something over the counter or do I need to go to the dr.? Would this mess up my OPK results or even stop me from ovulating?



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