I feel like a complete failure too.
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Filmmaker24 - July 12

My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half. She's tried chlomid, prolactin, insemination, and still nothing. I'm 39 and she's 41. I don't feel like a man because I can't get my own wife pregnant. My sperm has tested fine, but what good is it if it doesn't work? This is SO unfair. What are we supposed to do now?


soimpatient - July 12

Ok, well first of all...you're fine! Your sperm are swimming and are very manly...so physically, you are not contributing to your infertility. Secondly, I would like to say that I admire you for being so emotionally involved in TTC. I wish my husband took it a little more seriously. Sometimes I feel like TTC is all on my plate. Anyway, as for what you should do, I would talk to your doctor or RE...they will know which next steps will be best for you and your wife. Good Luck and keep your head high!


central - July 13

If your semen tested fine what does that tells you? Your wife may have to perform further testing. Did she take the HSG to view her tubes, that is usually the first physical exam besides the bloodwork. I heard that chlomid dries the cervical mucus. If thats the case your should consider using pre-seeds or Robustussin(cough medicine). Timing may be an issue. After intercourse your wife should lay sideways for 10-15 before moving or using the restroom. Good Luck I wish your the best


slowpoke01 - July 13

filmmaker i would suggest your wife having more testing done and talk to your doctors and find out what would be best for you all and also it is so good to see a man so involved with ttc i too wish mine was more involved


DH - August 16

Hey, Filmmaker24.
Don't be so hard on yourself or her. Is she overweight or dx w/ PCOS? You guys still have chance with IVF, hurry up now. My wife has PCOS and we tried for 5 yrs+. Got pregnant with IUI, then m/c at 11 wks. No fun.


JB0405 - August 16

Hey Film... I understand how you feel, ttc is very frustrating. My husband is fine, the problem is me... I was hard on myself for a while but in order to move on and get to the end of the tunnel, you have to realize that it's nothing that the 2 of you did that contributed to your inability to get pg thus far. Please don't give up, stay positive... My dh and I are still trying, we won't give up... I was pg and m/c at 5 weeks. It is not an easy road... I actually go in to see the dr tomorrrow to start a new round of meds... remember this if nothing at all - getting pregnant is NOT easy...keep trying and keep us posted! GOOD LUCK !! HEY SLOW, we seem to follow each other...



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