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Anny - November 8

Lately iv been feeling really crappy i mean i mean last night i cried for hours because i was so sad i mean i want a family so bad that its depressing! my husband just looked at me and got sad also but tried to reassure me that he loves me and we'll be ok...i dont know what to do! Does it take so long normally?


MsMonet - November 8

Anny- How long has it been? What does your OB/GYN have to say? I am so sorry you are sad. I just said a prayer for you and your hubby. Just keep believing in your dream, Anny! It's OK to cry but after awhile get up and smile and walk fwd holding tightly unto your dream. Go and pamper yourself... Nails... Hair... Desserts... I've cried for the same reason but soon I had to stop crying and direct the energy somewhere else. I also found out that stress can also slow things down as far as getting pregnant,,,, I went to get checked out by my OB/GYN. Did what was necessary... I bought baby books and magazines. I read positive scriptures about receiving my hearts desires... Believe it or not, without me knowing it. My spirits were lifted and I knew that I had to stand tall for my child (whenever he or she will arrive). Just had surgery early Oct. My husband and I will start trying again... I know that I will have children... Keep your head up, Anny.


linds99 - November 8

Hi Anny, I know how you feel about "feeling crappy", I've been trying to have a baby since October 2005, so over a year now. I am doing IVF this cycle. I just wanted to let you know that it is ok to feel sad, and yes, it does sometimes take a few of us women longer to conceive, but keep in mind that it is only natural to have the feeling "I want a baby, and I want it now!" But don't get yourself in a slump and cry too long, don't feel sorry for yourself for too long of periods of time and rejoice daily in how lucky you are that you have a loving and supportive husband. Those things that hurt us only make us stronger.


Anny - November 8

thanx girls i really appreciate all the love and for once i dont feel alone im not the onlyon egoing through this.....thank you so much....iv been trying for 5 months now and im loosing hope but im keep trying!!


honey - November 9

Hi Anny, i also feel crappy today too, last night i sat and cried for a while and my husband felt sad too, i really want a family so bad- 2 of my friends are expecting at the end of november and although i am pleased for them i cant help feeling so jealous and i wish i didn't. I think i will get pregnant when the time is right and try to keep busy doing other stuff. 5 months really isn't that long, ive been trying for nearly a year and every month is a rollercoaster of emotions!! chin up girl, have a glass of wine and cuddle up with your fella, take care.


Tink - November 9

many of us on here have been trying a lot longer and are still hanging in there- see their strength and know that you will get through it too. it's been over 18 months for me of heartache, medical procedures including 3 IUIs and countless poking and prodding etc. It is not an easy process and it hurts having my heartbroken each month when i get a BFN, especially when i've endured so much emotionally, physically and financially for treatment. Just know that you aren't alone. there are so many of us out there, all at varying levels of TTC. i know i have gained strength and hope from women that are further along in the process, ttc for 3 or 5 years....yet they still try. or those going through IVF. the strength they must have. just know if they can do it, so can you. God doesn't give us challenges unless he knows we can handle them. just have faith and know it will happen in due time. i am hoping my due time is this month! lol


lovemy3 - November 10

Anny, Chin up...try and keep on going. I know its hard. I am in my 7th month ttcing too and am losing hope as well. My clock is ticking and I'm 37 now. Everyday and cycle is a new cycle of hope though. hugs.


Tracy88 - November 10

Anny, I don't know how old you are, but it doesn't always happen on the first try for everyone. My sister in law is 28 and it took her 9 months to get pregnant after stopping the pill. I am 36 and it took me two and half years with surgeries and treatments. Everyone is different. Take some of the oressure off of yourself though, because that will get you nowhere. I'm sorry, I know it's hard, but 5 months is not that long if you look at the big picture. Good luck.



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