I dont know whats going on.
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Confused - September 28

My husband and I have been having unprotected sex for about 3 years now. We are not actively trying to get pregnant. When we have sex we both enjoy the "money shot" and withdraw, but not all the time. When he does ejaculate in me, I scurry to the bathroom to urinate and lots of semen runs out. We have had lots of sex around ovulation and during ovulation. Could it just be the timing? Or could one of us be infertile? Three years and never a missed period or miscarriage. In the past I have been with other men and never had the missed period or miscarriage as well. I dont know what the deal is. But I think after all this time I should have atleast missed one period. Please give imput!


Gia - September 28

Hi hun! Well I currently am seeing a wonderful fertility specialist and he told me that getting pregnant is not as easy as what people think. Its alot about timing you have to have sex in a three day spand (the day before ovulation, the day of, and the day after) those are your best days. Honey what I would do is purchase a fertility monitor at the drugstore (the best is the clearblue easy fertility monitor) and monitor your ovulation. Some women dont get pregnant easily. It can sometimes be a challenge. I would first get the monitor and do that for a little while and if that doesnt work than ask your obgyn to refer you to a fertility specialist in your area. Like i've said to other girls dont mess around with your obgyn the are not trained in fertility treatment and monitoring. Some can do basic stuff , but why waste your time go to a specialist. Its like going to see your family doctor when you have a heart problem he may know a little about the heart but nothing like a specialist would. you wouldnt trust your heart problem with a family doc so why trust a regular gyn with your fertility! Good luck to you and If you have any more questions dont hesitate to write.


Francise - September 18

Try tolay still for 5 mins before going to the bathroom and get yourself checked out by a doctor. it may be a small thing or nothing at all.



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