I dont know.... i need help.....please
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maria - June 12

My ovulation day is supposed to be tomorrow, and i test today with the clearblue ovulation predictors but nothing. The predictor didnt show anything...what do you think about that??we are trying for a baby..please help me


maria - June 12

please... i need help


nancy - June 12

if you think that you will be ovulating tom then do BD, sometimes predictors are not accurate. You'll be the one to know your body better


kitty - June 12

were can u get these ovulating predicters and how much 4 thanx


Lena - June 13

The ovulation day can vary from cycle to cycle. On a 28 day cycle you could ovulate on day 12 during one cycle and day 16 on the next cycle, even though you are expecting ovulation on day 14. Or, perhaps the test you used was defective. Last cycle I tested at 4pm with negative results. Tested again that evening at midnight and test was positive. My u/s the next morning showed a CL so I had just ovulated.



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