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christina - October 21

Hey ladies i am very confused and need your help.I am 20 will be 21 in 3 months and i want a baby so bad.My husband and i have been trying to have a baby for 7 months now i want this more than i have ever wanted anything.I am very worried i cannot get pg i am 100 pounds overweight and i dont know if that is why.Every monday i start a new diet it seems like i always fail.I dont know how to lose weight i am very depressed because i cannot lose weight of get pregnant.Do any of you know any good diets that work fast?I really need some advise i feel like a fat cow and i cant get pregnant!!!


AnnaR. - October 21

Keep confident and don't worry about losing weight to fast its not good for your health. Im overweight myself and been on all kinds of diets just work out everyday and eat 3 meals a day. I use to eat all day long but now that im on a mission to have baby #2 instead of eating junks i would eat healthy like fruits or veggies! you will see an improvement i promise because gradually the weight is coming off but not as fast as we want it to unfortunately. Good luck girl and baby dust...


To Christina - October 22

If you start by thinking your going to fail - then you will!!! Everybody can lose weight, its the excuses and the choices you make in your life make you gain weight. Wake up in the morning and say to yourself "I CAN DO THIS". Eat a well balanced breakfast - have jam or yogurt instead of butter - eat multigrain bread instead of white bread - eat boiled eggs (not the yolk) not fried eggs. Then have a snack - an apple or sultanes. Then lunch tuna with salad no cheese and not too much dressing. Then another snack maybe some nuts or another piece of fruit. Dinner chicken/meat/fish with steamed veges (green veges - broccolli, snow peas, brussel sprouts, zucchini etc). STAY AWAY from refined carbs - anything white - bread/rice/potato. You will get the carbs you need from fruit and veges!! And you MUST and when i say MUST you have to do this - excerise 45mins a day. If this is too much start off by 3/4 days a week. Walk around your block, walk to the corner shop, do not stroll - you need to keep your heart rate up. You do this, I can guarantee you will notice weight loss in 4 weeks. I am proof of eating well and excerising 43kgs gone and im feeling fabulous! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Good Luck!!


mith - October 23

i dont think overweight is the cause. better see some gynec before it is too late as i did.. and now repenting&crying


sherry - October 23

i lost weight, but unhealthilly....wasn't eating much at all, and once in awhile would purge. i don't wanna see that happen to you. it's no good for you. then i went down to 99 pounds and looked sickly, and had to gain weight before i got pregnant, which wasn't easy. healthy is more important then weight, with getting pregnant. just eat healthy, take prenatal vitamins, even while you aren't pregnant, and that will be your best bet. losing too much too fast, just throws every one of your body systems out of wack. trust me i know, and i didn't get pregnant till i got healthy. i think the vitamins help to. good luck. i hope you are pregnant soon. luv, sherry


My answer - October 23

Sounds like you should talk to your Dr. He / she can help you lose weight and begin to give you some ideas on getting pregnant. Best of luck to you!


angelblue - October 30

Pregnancy and your cycle relate to the fat in your body. If you have higher fat, as I understand, your hormones increase. The balance of the hormones effects your ovulation. You should try this. Take your temperature with a digital thermomiter every morning as soon as you wake up, before you move. Keep the thermomiter beside the bed with a note book. You should track a slight change in temp. When at its highest you are ovulating. At its lowest, expect your flow. If you don't change, your cycle is off. Check with a doc for help.


JC - October 30

You can eat white rice and potatos but eat in moderation. You need to eat smaller portions, 5-6 times a day. Eat a good breakfast: 2eggs, one piece of wheat toast, and a banana with some juice or water. About 3 hrs later, eat some grapes or yogurt or even a small amount of popcorn even (not heavy on butter or anything). Then eat lunch, nothing too heavy...maybe some grilled chicken (watch how much spices and stuff you use), brown rice and veggies with some peaches and cottage cheese. Eat another snack 3 hrs later, then dinner (nothing too heavy) then another snack if you want. You can eat late but it's the portion size you eat and what/how you eat. Europeans eat dinner about 9p or so and they don't have any problems. It's what they eat and how they put things together. Don't get into all these fads and stuff. Eat right and excericise. Use a medicine ball or go walking.



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