i dont have a regular period.....how can i get prego?
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danielle marie straw - November 29

i dont understand how a woman can become pregnant if she doesnt have a regular period?? i get my period like 3x's a year. its been like that since i started my period.......when i was 14. help me please!! does anyone know if you ovulate regularly even if you dont get a regular period???


Mega - November 29

With such an irreg. period, most likely you do not ovulate. If you do it's sporadically. Some women do get pregnant, but it's not likely. However, there is hope. There are plenty of drugs to help regulate your cycle & get you to ovulate. Though it takes time to find the right drug or drug combo even. There are 2 possible causes to your problem--thyroid issues or pcos. Based on the fact that you said it's been like this since you were 14, I'd suspect PCOS. I myself was dx with that back in April. I'm on Clomid with Metformin have been responding pretty well to those drugs. I'd suggest seeing your OB & discuss your concerns. They should order up some bloodwork & the results should give them a better idea of what's going on & how to treat you. Good luck! I hope this helps...



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