I dont have a period.....
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MistieSpillman - March 21

I havent had a period since Nov.2005 i went to the doctor and the put me on provera and i had a period on jun. 5 05 and i havent had one since...i went back to the doctor and they siad i was okay....i dont think im ok...i want to get pregnat as soon as possible... bu i have no insurance to go to the doctor...i jus wanted to know if anybody knew wat i should do...or y i dont have a period..well thanx...


June - March 21

You need to go see an OBGYN...I am sorry but that's the only way. Good luck.


Nikki - March 21

Well, I don't know much about missing periods, but I would think that your doctor would be more interested in fixing your problem. The first thing I would do is find another doctor, maybe even a specialist.
I have medical insurance, but it still doesn't cover the fertility stuff, and I haven't found an individual policy that will cover it. Some people get it through their jobs, but other than that, I think we might be forced to pay for it ourselves.
Still, you might have a health problem that a normal policy will cover, so you should get some insurance. If you find the problem first, they probably won't insure you later. So don't mention anything about ttc or the no period thing, and you should be able to get insurance and then see another doctor.


sqeekers - March 22

You sound like you are in the same boat as me. I have PCO's and it keeps me from having a period regularly. Some times I will have a normal period for 3 or 4 months, then I can go the next 6-9 without one. You should see a doctor, they can prescribe meds to help you with it.


kim - March 23

Do a search on infertility and herbal supplements. I went 3 years without a period and did some research and found a over the counter pill that worked for me. After taking it for 3 months I was pregnant. I don't want to say what this was, because last time I wrote on here about this, there were 500 replies about me maybe being a spokeman for that company, but I am not. If you search for herbal supplements and infertility it will show you a list of things to try. Make sure you read carefully because some can be harmful.


Nikki - March 24

Kim, I know you say you can't write it here, but it would be nice if you could somehow let me know what you took? There are so many different things out there and its hard to know which ones work.



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