I don't remember how the symptoms felt!!
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Rita - July 25

Hi everyone! My name is Rita and I am 18 years of age. I have a 1 1/2 year old little boy and he is the love of our lives!! his name is Josiah but I am really in need of some advice from MOTHERS that know what it's like to have a baby! I think I am pregnant again and I don't remember how I felt when I was pregnant for the first time I been feeling alot of nausea, my breasts are tender and I feel like I'm having mourning sickness!! But my period should be coming in about a week but I just want to know before that you know? please let me know how you felt and what you did to feel better because I feel like crap!! Oh and by the way I know you are probably thinking Oh my God 18 years old and having 2 babies!! WELL I can do that knowing that I have a husband!! We've been married 2 years going on 3 and we are financially stable so I'm not worried about money or anything else I just want your opinions. We have also been trying to have another child but it's been about 6 months and nothing has happened yet!! Is there any way that I can actually get help to get pregnant again? Please give me your opinions mothers!!


to rita - July 25

You can actually go to the doctor and get your blood drawn to tell if you are preganant if you need to know right because blood test can detect if you are pregnant weeks before a urine test but from the signs it sounds like u are


kimmie - July 25

yes i said 18 omg not becuz u r young but becuz i had my first at 22 and now at 30 am having a hard time concieving. i am glad u can and the symptoms i remember...after 8 yrs r.... implant bleed 2 days before period, sensitive smell, metalic taste in mouth, sore breasts, thick white discharge in abundance, and slight cramping. yes it could be the same for a period...as my dissappiontment has left me for the past 3 mos but u r young and i would buy a test if i were u. good luck hun and remember when u r my age you will have your family and be stable.......it is a blessing to find your true love young.....kimmie


kimmie - July 25

btw....my grandma who is my best friend is named rita.....it is the best name.....baby dust for u and hubby



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