I don't know what's happening with me. Please somebody help
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clueless - October 28

Hi Guys,

I am a 30 yr old and i have been ttc for the past 6 months with no luck. For the past few cycles(sep & oct) my cycle length has been changed to 36-37 from 30-31. I always get my periods on the date i don't know what's going on with me rightnow. First time when it was late for almost 6 days i thought i was pregnant did a hpt which came out - and my af showed up after 6 days past my due date. Same thing happened this cycle also i thought i would get my period around Oct 22 since my last period was Sept 22-23 but i missed my period and i was late for 6 days did hpt again and it was -. Today af showd up after 6 days again. Why is this happening does this mean that i am not ovulating properly. I am afaraid that i may have a cyst or something that is the reason my cycle length has been changed. Also could you guys pl help me how do i calcualte my ovulation date with this 36-37 cycle length.

I talked to my doc she asked me to take clomid challenge. what is clomid challenge could any of you pl explain.



clueless - October 28

i forgot to mention she asked me to take clomid 100 mg from the 3 day of my cycle to the 9'th day and get two blood test done on the 3 and 9'th days. I am also worried that taking clomid 100 mg might increase the chance of getting multiple pregnancy. Pl help.


Staci - October 28

There is any number of reason's why your cycle could be later. It could be due to the stress of just trying. The reproductive system if very sensitive to change. Weight fluctuations, stress, a cold, any number of things can delay ovulating. I wouldn't try clomid until you know for sure that you aren't ovulating like myself. I would guess with your cycles that you should start testing around day 14-20 with an OPK. I also think you should go out to the bookstore tonight and buy Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It is a great book to have and it will explain everything you need to know about reading your body! Hope this helps!


clueless - October 29

Thanks for the response Staci. You are right i would rather wait and see if i am ovulating or not before taking clomid.



me - October 29

Your dr can do bloodwork and check your progesterone levels to confirm ovulation. This is usually done on the thrid day of your cycle. You then start clomid on the 3rd or 5th day of your cycle. Clomind helps increase the LH and FSH needed to ovulate and yes there is a higher chance of multiples (1 in 10) when taking clomid. Your dr should do vaginal ultrasounds when you are on clomid and monitor your progress. If you do not repond to it or develop large cysts, then she will take you off it. If she just gives you the meds and then lets you go, then do not take it. You need to be monitored when on this medication. Some women ovulate, but do not have an appropriate luteal phase, so taking lcoid can help lengthen this too. CLomid can be taken by women who ovulate. When in doubt ask your dr and tell her your concerns. You are in this together. Good luck!



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