I don't know what is going on....please help!
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concerned - November 24

AF has always been very regular, but I don't think that I have ovulated the last 2 months (OPK's negative, no rise in temps & no CM) WHY??? I know I used to ovulate (I remember the long EWCM, although I don't know if it was 6 months ago or 6 years ago...I've never charted before). Nothing tramatic has ever happened & like I said, AF shows up on time every month. Could the past 2 months just be a fluke? I have an ultrasound in January if I still don't believe that I am Oing by then. Anyone know anything or have any advice that can give me some peace of mind???


cl - November 25



Jane - November 25

i stared using ovulation test strips this month and i also get my periods regular and i didn't get a positive for ovulation for this month. i am freaking too. i want to be able to have children more than anything. i will be going to the doctor to see what is up. hopefully it is just a temporary thing and everything will go back to normal. i never tested for ovulation though so maybe i don't ovulate. i really hope that isn't the case.


me - November 27

I used to have regular 28 day cycles all my life up until this past August. I had a 21 day period and then a 40 day one. Since I knew something was up beign regular until then, I went to an RE and was diagnosed with PCO via ultrasound. I have none of the symptoms, just the polycystic ovaries. There is no reason why it developed, it just did. My hormones levels were all ok, no insulin issues, nada. It is possible that you have developed something the past few months, like I did, for one reason or another. I literally turned 30 in August and then it happened, so I am attributing it to age. I have been charting my temps and cm since Jan 05 since we were trying to conceive, so I knew something else was going on when my temps did not go up or stay up after ovulation. I would go to the dr and get some bloodwork done, and see how it goes from there. I am a strong believer in being proactive, especially when you know something is wrong with your body. Hope that helped. Good luck!


concerned - November 27

thank you me. I have a pelvic ultrasound scheduled, but it is not for 2 more weeks. My past 2 cycles have only been 18 days & I have no idea as to why. I know the cycle before that lasted about 25 days, so I have no idea what has brought on the change. I am beginning to get frustrated & scared. What did the dr. do for you for your PCO? Are you still able to have children?



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