I don't know if i'm ovulating??
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Julie - April 12

I haven't noticed any cervical mucus changes and have been watching carefully for the past 4 months. My period since i've been off the pill is very light. (2-3 daus max) I have been trying to conceive doing everything right could it be that i am not ovulating??


Emily - April 12

Julie- I have tried the ovulation test kit for 2 months in a row and didn't get a Lh surge, which I think means no ovulation. I'm very disappointed and wandering if there is anything to do about it, so I understand where you're coming from.


Heather - April 12

You don't necessarily have to have a chance in your cm to ovulate. Have you been charting your bbt?? This is a big help.


Julie - April 12

What does it mean when my period is so light and lasts not long at all? It is very different than when I was on the pill.


Heather - April 12

I don't think it means anything really. You could just have light periods. I was on the pill for 8 years and my periods were always really heavy for the first 2 days and then light for 2 days. Now (been off since 8/03) they vary. Some will be light some will be heavy. As long as you have a bleed it's good. If you're concerned you're not ovulating you can check with your dr and start taking clomid. I didn't O and took Clomid... First time around with it I got pregnant. Ended in m/c but it had nothing to do with the clomid. Good luck!



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