I don't get my period and am over wieght
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nena22 - December 3

I want to become a mother and have been trying for about 3 years going on four. I have never gotten pregant and I am starting to get worried. This is my second marriage and well with my last husband didn't have any luck and not with my new husband ethier. So I know that it might be me wht should I do ?


Tracy88 - December 3

You need to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. If you are not getting a period and are overweight they can probably figure out why. Have you had your thyroid checked? Don't settle for anybody less than an endocrinologist.


tonyaandjoe - December 3

weight has nothing to do with it my sister in law has 2 kids and is 3 months pregnant now and weighs between 250- 300 lbs.


lovemy3 - December 3

I have always struggled with my weight. When I reach a certain high, my period has just stopped coming, as soon as I lose weight it comes back. So for me, weight controls my period 100%. I now have 3 kids concieved naturally but prior to having my first, my weight hit a all time high and my period stopped for 9 months. they sent me to a dr and he told me, lose weight is the remedy, I did and was pregnant the next month. I am now very heavy again and haven't gotten pregnant after 1 yr of trying, whren I concieved my 3 kids I was about 60lbs lighter. Good luck


Tracy88 - December 4

It may not be the weight itself, but it could be a thyroid problem or something else causing an imbalance in hormones. Weight can affect whether you get your period or not, just as it does in people who have too little body fat, or PCOS. Many women with PCOS who are infertile are told to lose at least 20 pounds right off the bat because weight affects their hormones. An RE can help uncover the cause and treat it accordingly.


emaan - December 5

get your hormones( prolectin) checked if it is more than 20 so you got the answer and also get yourself checked for PCOS...my friend who was over weight dropped 10kg this year and now she is 3months prego but she always had regular periods...



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