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natalie - October 1

i have been trying anfd trying i have done everything possible i am not sure what i am doing wrong... i want a baby so bad.. i am ready to be a mom and start that stage of my life... for all those who have had issues with the same thing can you please give me advise.. i am really needing it i do not wanna lose faith


Molly - October 1

Hi Natalie, I just wanted to say i know how you feel, as i am sure many others on this site do too. It is really hard isn't it, to do everything you can and then still feel like you have no say over what is happening to your body! You have to keep faith, as there is definitely a plan for each one of us and perfect timing for when you will have a beautiful baby. Don't give up, and don't lose faith, it will happen. How long have you been trying? Have you seen a doctor or been put on any medication to help? I am on Clomid 50mg, soon to start my second cycle of it and have been trying for just over a year. Todya when I went shopping I counted 7 pregnant people that I saw and I was only ther for about and hour! I know the feeling of wanting a baby badly! Keep your chin up, and feel comforted that there are many women who understand exactly what you are going through...


Tonya - October 1

Molly, about shopping...I also have "belly envy". It seems like everywhere we go, I see pregnant people or newborns. It's hard... Babydust


Jamie - October 2

Try working with seven pregnant women!! It is so trying on the soul to see them day in and day out. (I teach and we have a lot of young, newly married women...) Of course then there is just me. If only these people knew what we have been through. Sometimes it doesn't seem fair. But we have to remember that good things come to those who wait... we need to stay strong and keep our heads up.


Michelle - October 2

Tanya, I can understand. In Jan 2004 my husband was transferred from South Carolina to Wisconsin. 4 other couples were as well. All of them have had babies since then. None of them were even talking about it before then and we had been for quite a while. People back in SC joke about what there is to do up here in the cold and why are we so slow to get on the bandwagon and it kills me. I understand your pain.


Michelle - October 2

I meant to aim that post to Jimie but also to anyone else who suffers from this pain.


Tonya - October 2

To all - I've just got to believe that there is something great waiting for all of us...and in time it will be... My good friend, who just did her 3rd round of IVF is FINALLY pregnant...The dr. said that everything looks the best it ever has. She is going to have a sweet baby...She was leaving the dr.'s office to go to Babies R Us. I feel hopeful that one way or another...it will all be good... :)


natalie - October 2

hey molly thanks for the information... no i have not tried clomid i was just going to try all the natural way until i hit one year of trying then i was going to go see a doctor... i do the same thing i walk in the mall.. store... everywhere and i count all the prego people.. and new babies... then you see people that have like 5 kids and they do not look taken care of so i fell like geez if they can why cant i. but i do understand the body works in crazy ways and that we are all different... it kills my husband because everytime i start my period i ball my eyes out and then i have to tell him why.. it just kills him. so i just wanted to no what should i try naturaly before i have to go see a doctor? thank you all for the advise you are all so wonderful...


Becca - October 2

Natalie- Remember that it takes the average couple with no fertility issues up to a year to conceive. If you have been TTC for over a year may I suggest seeking medical help. I have been TTC for 4 years but I was diagnosed with PCOS a little over a year ago and was told that it had stopped me from ovulating which is why I was not getting pg. I have now been seeing an RE for 7 months and had my 1st IUI on Sept 16th. I go in for my blood test tomorrow. Although I don't think it happened this month (I only had 1 follice for sure) I am hopeful that my dh and I will be able to announce a pg soon to our close family and friends (maybe at Christmas?) Keep your hopes up and try to just focus on your relationship for a month every now and then where you are not worrying so much about getting pg. It has really made it less stressful for me and my dh. BABY DUST!!


pg after 5 years - October 2

Definatly get medical help. I finally seen an ob/gyn in May, started 100mg Clomid cd 3-7, and worked my way up to 1700mg Metformin/day. We were told we were going to do 3 cycles, if that didn't work break for a month, and start injectables. Well my last month taking it was July, and that month we wnt on holidays about 3 weeks after my last dose, and I forgot my thermometer. I thought it was a lost month, but when I got back I went for a bhcg, and got my bfp!! Don't hesitate on getting help if you have gone over a year ttc with no results. It may not happen right away, and they may have to tweak your dosages or find different medications, but it can happen. I'm now 11wks 5days. Good luck, and plenty of baby dust!!!!!!!



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