I did something stupid
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Michelle - October 7

I made a boo-boo this a.m. Today is 11 dpo (maybe 10), in my past pregnancies I have tested pos. 10 dpo. So this a.m. I woke at 5 and needed to tinkle so I took the test and waited with a timer and a booklight in my bedroom. It was neg. when the timer was up. At 7 I woke up and looked again in my not too bright room, neg. I went downstairs with it and in the daylight it was positive. I know you're never supposed to read them after 10 min. My doubt comes from the line being pink, not grey and the fact that even during the morning, I couldn't see it until I was in a well lit room. Was it there at 5 with the booklight? I should never have looked again, I know that's against the "rules". Now I have to wait until tomorrow for more first morning urine and read it with real light! Now my hopes are up and I'm probably going to be very disappointed. Just a lesson to us all - never read a test in a dark room with a booklight!!!


annette - October 7

Michelle, if you are talking about an OPK, then the test ususlly needs to be taken in the afternoon. the best time is between 12 noon and 4 pm. i have heard that even if tthe LH synthesyses in our body in the morning, it takes about 4-6 hours to show in urine. thats the reason why the manufacturers say that u should test the opks in the afternoon. preferrably the same time everyday, till u see a positive surge.


KC - October 7

Good luck Michelle! Hopefully U will get a BFP (minus waiting) tomorrow :)


Michelle - October 7

Annette (that's my sister's name too) it was a hpt. Thanks for the well wishes KC.


Gina - October 7

I know what you mean by having a hard time reading in the dark. i temp every morning at 630am when its still dark. I hope for you its a BFP! keep us posted, and if its not a bfp dont get discouraged. im still trying for #1 afetr 2 yrs! if it wasnt for the support i get here i dont think id have as much hope at all.


Michelle - October 7

I am so weak. I took another. It had a faint line pretty quickly but it faded into almost nothingness after 30 min. It was a First Response so I called them and they offered to send me a coupon for another test - in 7-10 days. Yeah, like I'm going to wait that long LOL.. At this point I will probably wait until Sunday (hopefully) and retest with anpther $ tree test. That was the one this a.m. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the encouragemant.


annette - October 7

oops looks like i read the question carelessly. Anyways. hope it is a bfp for you. Good luck! :)


marissa - October 7

michelle, I think we are all guilty of this...its not stupid, just hoping beyong hope. Impatience sometimes gets the better of you. I work to buy my preg test (lol) because I'm too impatient to wait...it always has faded lines then no lines etc etc. Ltes face it, you can test all you like but you will never really feel sure until you miss AF (or get it) Good luck babe!!!



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