i did not ovulate this month, what does that mean?
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crystl - March 30

been ttc for 10 months now, only been using the o tests for maybe half the time and have always ovulated. except for this month. what does that mean? i am so mad about this cuz we've been breaking our backs every night making sure there's a fresh shipment up there awaiting this egg that never arrived... sorry if TMI. what does it mean if i don't ovulate????? i'm such a failure as a woman....bad month. i can't even give my husband a child. i just want to punch someone. sorry, thanks for letting me vent and please give me your advice. or experience on this. plus been checked out, tubes are clear, sperm is great. only 22, hsb 26. please help


crystal74 - March 31

anybody had this happen to them and what was the outcome?????


Lynn - March 31

1st your not a failure. It happens more than you think. All it means is you did not produce and large enough egg to be released (Ovulation). You will still have AF since the oterine lining has to shed for next month. If this happens again, I wouls suggest talking to your OB. Many medications an OB could prescribe can help with this. I hope it helps. I also was checked and only O'd from right side. Since I had my right tube removed after an ectopic pregnancy, I take medication to grow follies (eggs) and take a trigger shot (HcG) which forces your body to O. I am followed by a RE not my OB right now. Does this help? Good luck to you.


pj - March 31

Crystl, please dont blame yourselves..you are definitely not a failure as a woman..but i can understand the frustration. Just hang on. As for not ovulating...what happens is that, every cycle your ovary has some follicles growing. Normally one of them becomes dominant and grows the largest, and upon reaching a a critical size, it release an egg. This release of egg is called ovulation. Not ovulating can be due to many reasons, and this includes stress. So try to relax. By the way, I hope you have gone to a doc who has done all kind of blood tests to check your harmonal levels. Imbalance in harmones can also prevent ovulation. For eg. after 6 months of TTC unsuccessfully, I went to doc, who diagnosed pcos and I found that I do nto ovulate on my own. I have been prescribed clomid. Lynn is right, go to a good doc, or preferably a RE


crystal - April 1

no they did not check my blood for hormonal imbalance, all they did was check for a rare disease like sicle cell or something. they just push us off like were too young to be wanting babies. when really we tried on our own for 3 years and nothing. then with their advice for 10 months now and still nothing. it does get very frustrating. i am so not a quitter. never have been. i push and push myself till i get it done. maybe i'm pushin to hard. i go see my fav obgyn on monday. i haven't seen him in over 3 years now. he delivered my older sister and her first two babies. she's been poppin them out since she was 14. she is now 25 with four babies. 9,7, and twins that are 5. she had a miscarriage when she was 14. probably cuz she was so young. same with my mother, she got pregant seven times before she was 20. so it get's real discouraging that i cannot conceive. what's wrong with me.


don't worry - April 1

Hi. I read today that about 1 in 5 cycles are annovulatory (maybe the spelling is wrong), which means that an egg is not released. Don't worry. You are definitely not a failure. Are your cycles regular? Most people think that they ovulate 14 days after the 1st day of af, but really it is 14 days before af. This can make quite a difference. And trying every night can diminish the quality of the sperm. My dh and I tried every other night for 5 days around my time of ovulation and it worked. Good luck.


pj - April 3

Crystl..sorry I was out for the weekend. I am really surprised that doc didnt do harmonal tests. Normally , they check FSH, Lh, Progestrone, thyroid etc. All this is done by blood tests. For instance, the ratio of FSH and LH , if not correct, shows one is suffering from PCOS(like me). Maybe you just had one anovulatory cycle (i.e. no ovulation) happened just because of stress...but I would get the harmones checked.....maybe doc feels as you are really young - 22, I think, you have enough time. I am already 30, so the doc is using an aggressive approach for me.



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