I detected a surge this morning! When to IUI?
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Amysince70 - December 15

Do I do the IUI tomorrow morning or Sunday morning?


Tracy88 - December 15

Personally I would do it tomorrow morning. I had a surge and then had back-to-back IUI's. I had one the day before I ovulated and one the day of and am now almost 18 weeks PG. I don't know why I have always had the feeling that it was the IUI done the day before I ovulated that helped, but honestly I will never know. It's just better from everything I've read, to have the sperm already up there to meet the egg once it's released from the ovary, and that the day before gives it time to get there. Good luck!


Amysince70 - December 15

Thanks Tracy! I am only concerned about having it done tomorrow because my husband has all kinds of issues with his sperm and one of them is that they don't live very long. So, I was wondering if I waited until Sunday, would I just miss it, or possibly catch the egg right on time? Another thing is that the surge was heavy this morning which might mean I started surging last night...Which would make tomorrow morning 36 hours after the surge which might be best? I'm leaning towards tomorrow, too. I hope I am as lucky as you!


Tracy88 - December 15

What does the doc say? By the way, does the doc wash the sperm? The sperm supposedly live longer if they are washed.


Amysince70 - December 15

My nurse says tomorrow....It's like pulling teeth to talk to a doctor there. I got to a fertility clinic (changing to Emory next cycle) and I see a different doc everytime I'm there. Yes, they wash the sperm. I'm guessing if I was surging by last night (yesterday morning there was a super faint line there) and today there was a strong line, that tomorrow morning might actually be 36 hours from the time I had a full on surge. Ohhhh here we go again...Wish me luck!


slowpoke01 - December 15

amy-tomorrow would be the day of iui. i have had 2 the first didnt work and the 2nd i got pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy and had to terminate. i will be having the 3rd one done next weekend. all of mine have been the day after surge. good luck to you. it sounds like tomorrow morning will be really good timing for you. good luck and hope that you get that bfp in 2 weeks.


Amysince70 - December 15

Thanks! Good luck to you, too!



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