i cant understand why
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isha - September 24

hey!i m 20.suffering from hyper insulinemia,enlarge uterus i.e 8.8cm,menstrual cycle 32-34 days,having urinary infection also.i m trying for the baby from last 14-16 mnths.i want to know tht are all these things affecting on my pregnancy.and what should i do to get pregnant in a natural way without using anything.


isha - September 25

can anyone of you answer plzzzzzzzz. someone really needs your help ,and your precious advices.pllllllzzzzzzzz replyyyyyy.


Kandi - September 26

to tell the truth isha, i probably wont be much of a help sorry. im 19 and have been ttc for 7 months now. 4 months in to trying i fell pregnant but had a miscarriage at 8 week, we have been trying since, but no luck. weve concieved once,i dont know why we cant do it again!! Have you been to your doctor or a fertility expert to see what they say? Maybe they have some better advice on what you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. all i really know about it identifying ovulation and stuff like that. Sorry isha. Hope a little bundle of joy comes your way soon.


isha - September 26

thank you so much Kandi for your concern.wish u the best of luck.i cant go to the doc or use anything coz my husband dont agree with this .i was thinking that i m 22kgs overweight is it affecting on my pregnancy?well i will pray for you that god give you a sweeeeet chubby baby in your lap very soon.BABY DUST TO YOU.


to isha - September 26

why won't you husband let you go to a dr? is it his religous beliefs? your weight is definitely a big part in falling pregnant. i went to a fertility clinic and they told me to lose weight (im 10kgs overweight). try to excersie and eat healthy foods and try not to eat after 7pm. you might find that by losing some weight your periods may regulate. i feel you may have polycystic ovarian syndrome. if this is the case you must see you local dr and give you a blood test and to cut down your carbs.


Kandi - September 26

Isha, if your hubby cares for you he should let you go to the doctor about this. Im sorry if that sounded rude, but i really think you should go and see your doctor so you can get some professional advice and so you can be headed in the right direction. i strongly agree that losing weight may help put your cycles back into proportion. If you are stressed and not eating properley it will also give you irregular cycles. If your hubby dosent agree with going to the doctor, try losing a bit of weight, eat healthy and exercise and see if that puts your cycles back into place. But with your problems that you explained in your first post, i really think professional advice is the way to go. thankyou so much for your prayers. I will pray for you too ok. Baby dust!!!!!!!! ;o)


isha - September 27

thank you so much kandi and the one whom i dont know the name.acually i m from a very conservative indian family where u have to obey what your husband says.and now i m in a different country in different culture with many confusions in my mind what to do???????.my hubby is sweet kandi actually i m not a bold girl coz i got married when i was in school that is last year and i am a broken home child lived with mom thts y i m very confused type of a girl who cant take own decissions starts crying on anyones problems and my hubby says tht first of all you get mature and come out of ur boundations then we will go to the doc.but i really want a baby.and i really prayed for u kandi last night.


Kandi - September 27

i really appreciate your prayers xx im praying for you too. Why do you have to get mature and get out of your boundations? i think you would be a very mature person. Especially coming form a broken home. Alot of the time you have to grow up quickly in those sort of situations. Im sure your hubby is sweet isha, but he has to understand that this could be serious and that if you dont seek professional advice soon, it maylower the chances of you concieving. ok im not a doctor (thats for sure) so dont take my word for it ok. You may be fine. But isnt it better to know that everythings ok rather than wondering if these things are affecting your chances of concieving? Its ok, im not a bold girl either. Im quite shy actually, around people i dont know, and its perfectly ok to be like that. it dosent mean you are any less mature or everythig alright. Has your hubby had any tests done? maybe the problem lies with him? What does he think about it all? xx


to kandi - September 29

hey kandi this is isha here.thank u so much for tht answer.u know what even i think tht he has a problem.coz u no i ddnt spent even 1 year with him ,most of the time i was ill and was at my mom`s place.and u no what he is not so much fond of sex.and u no what there is a problem in his family tht children r born after 5-10 years of trying.i think they have a heridatory problem of low sperm count ,what do u think ?? plzz reply ??i really feel nice to chat with u.


kandi - September 30

Hey again Isha, do you know why ur hubby isnt fond of sex? usually its the male with the higher sex drive. is there a reason for this? like a health issue? The problem may well lie within him. Im not sure if low sperm count can be heriditary though. im not a doctor so i really cant give a deffinate answer. But really like iv said a cople of times now, you really should get checked out him too. There are sperm tests that you can buy, to see how high his sperm count is. i saw them on the internet. you should look it up ;o) So what do you say.....u gunna get checked out? Your hubby gunna get checked out. tell him if he truly loves you he will let you get some tests don, and some for him too ok. If he wants this as much as you it shouldnt be a problem. its good talking to you too isha. please reply soon and let me know what happens ok. xx ;o)


to kandi from isha - October 3

thnx kandi u know i had a great fight with him for the first time in my life.and he promised to me now tht he surely take me to the doc by the end of this month.i will let u know whatever happens .keep in touch .u r a nice friend a guide.thank u so much.


kandi - October 9

no probs isha!!! u r a sweet gal. make sure u let me know wat happens k. keep in touch xx


sherry - October 9

hi, my friend was quite overweight, and as soon as she lost some of it, she fell pregnant, but i don't know if this is what is the problem in your case, but in some cases it can be. i never heard of an elarged uterus, but i would definately go to a reputable fertility dr. if you are set on having a baby like yesterday. i wasted 3 1/2 years trying, then 1 month w/ the speacialist BOOM, pregnant! wish i had done it sooner. nowadays with technology, no matter the problem, most likely you will concieve. you are just 20...boy am i jealous, lol. don't worry you will have a baby iam sure. keep your eye on the prize! sherry ps- definately have sex at ovulation time. if you don't know when or if you ovulate, buy some cheapie test strips online. works for me


kandi - October 9

now i have a question lol. what does it mean when people say "hve sex every other day" around ovulation time? does it mean have sex every day around ovulation but not on the day ur ovulating??? cuz this is my 9th month of ttc and no luck except for my miscarriage about 4-5 months ago (when i wasnt really tracking ovulation) any help would be apreciated. thanx a million. And isha, do you have an email adress or msn account. cuz we could keep in touch that way. id love to stay in touch with you and we can update each other on how we are going in the world of trying to concieve!!! xx ****spreading more baby dust to you!!!***** xx ;o)


kandi - October 13

isha where have you gone????lol i really hope to hear from you soon. id love to keep in touch. maybe you could give me your email so we dont have to find the post in here everytime???



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