i cant get prg.. and when i did once i lost it...
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sarah - June 26

i feel so low whenever i hear about babies i cry
i've been trying for 5 yrs to get preg.. i finally mamaged last feb. but i lost it.. my body killed it... now i cant seem to get pregnant again... i feel so so so bad, i have a step daughter by him but that just makes me feel so inadequate, even though she is in africa pls someone help, my doc laughs as i am 22, and he says it will happen sometime. but surely something is wrong with me


Brandy - June 26

First of all, get a new doctor, age has nothing to do with wanting to get pregnant. Your doctors responsiblity is to help you, not make you feel like you are to young to be worried about this. Go to a Reproductive Endocrynologist (infertility Doctor). I have noticed that GYN 's are uselss when it comes to infertility.
I understand that you are upset about the miscarriage..but please believe me when I say that your body didn't kill your child...if anything your body was saying hey there is something not right and we have to do something. I think deep down you know that. The fact that you did have a miscarriage should say to your doctor that we need to do some testing to find out why and what we can do in the future. Nothing is wrong with you and please go see another doctor, they can and will help you have a child.


maricel - June 27

.all i can say is get a new doctor and have second opinion. i hve also a question after i diagnose blighted ovum and its almost 2 years after my miscarriage. im so upset. my ob says i have insufficient egg. is there a lot of chances to get me pregnant?



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