I cant get pregnant! Why?
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Britney - May 29

Hi, Im 20 years old and I have been having unprotected sex for about a year now with my bf and we still cant get pregnant, we have tried all different times around the year and different position is there something wrong with me?


nikki - June 3

i know how you feel !!!! all i can say is keep trying like i am


Anna - June 3

Hey Britney,
The answer i can give you is to go see a doc. Do some testing and see what is going on! Good luck to you and hope it happens soon!


Annie - June 4

Britney, you have to make sure that you have sex on your fertile days otherwise you prob. won't get pregnant. A great book is by Toni Weschler called Taking Charge of your Fertility.


Cassie - June 4

I am your age and am in the same boat. The question would be do you smoke or drink? Or either your boyfriend? If you or he does it seems that you can take measures in breaking this habit. There might be a possibility of imbalanced hormones.


Britney - June 4

Cassie, its nice to know that some1 is in the same boat as me, lol! Nah neither of us smoke and I dont drink my boyfriend has the occasional beer on sat night though however with mates, what have you tried if you dont mind me asking?



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