i cant get pregnant for some reason
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tina whitney - July 23

me and my finace have been tryin for about 5 months to get pregnant but every month is a disappointed my sister told me there is a home remedies that can get me pregnant my question is what can i do to get pregnant


D. - July 23


The best place to start is with charting your temperatures. If you go to www.fertilityfriend.com, you can get a free account to begin with. By doing this, you can figure out when you Ovulate (and IF you ovulate). I would also suggest getting a bood called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Tony Wechsler. It will tell you all about what is going on with your body. And I would also suggest using ovulation predictor kits to see when you get your LH surge. Too often we think we all O on CD14 and have 28 day cycles, which is usually not the case. Start using the OPKs around CD11 and keep testing until you get your positive. That would give you a better idea as to when you Ovulate and you can figure out the best time to time intercourse.

I hope at least some of this helps!




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