I am unable to conceive....
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Ann - January 5

Hi ladies. lux, I am on cd11. I just got back from the dr. I only have one follicle that will produce an egg this time. I am supposed to get the hcg shot tomorrow and do the iui on Saturday, unless something unexpected happens (like the follicle releases the egg on its own tomorrow). So, my first test will likely be on January 19th or 20th, if I don't get af first. She arrived early last month, the witch! kosi, I agree that you should start testing ASAP, so you can have the answers you need. The main signs I've heard about endo are heavy cramping during af, clotting, and sometimes irregular cycles. However like I said, I had no symptoms at all. The lap is a surgery where they insert an instrument through your navel and one lower so they can check for endo and other abnormalities. The hsg is a procedure where they inject dye into your uterus and see if it flows through your tubes. I believe a lap is also used to clear your tubes if they are blocked. Before you even have a hsg, the dr will do blood work on certain cycle days to makes sure you are ovulating and your eggs are ok. That is about it! Hope it helps.


angel_azn - January 5

hi lux....i have been to the doctor lots and haven't gotten pregnant yet but i rather have someone get pregnant while i try very hard to...you should try to have sex every day especially in the morning because his sperm count is higher that time...so then you can't skip a day becasue your regular and then you have a better chance...also always have sex with him on top all the time so the sperm and reach your cervix better than you on top and it all fall back out....good luck...


Melissa - January 6

Hi ladies...Ann-did you have a LAP for your endo? It was like being hit by a truck when I found out I had endo---I never would have guessed it. Since my periods were always timely I just figured everything was okay. Looking back, I did have a day of bad cramps, but I just thought that was "normal" for me. I also have endosalpingiosis which is when the lining of your tubes grown elsewhere. My ttc journey has been a learning experience & frustrating most of the time! My endo actually raised my CA125 blood tumor marker, so I am being treated my a gyno-oncologist right now. I was assured that it was only endo and not cancer, but until that blood test stays low I have to see him. Lux-I have no idea what cd I am on, as I've been on continuous birth control since October to treat my endo. It seems to be working cuz the CA 125 is going down, and I'm ENJOYING :) not have my period! I go back one more time in March for more tests & if they are as good as last months, we get to start ttc again in April....I am counting down the days!
Kosi-if you want any more info on lap & HSG let me know---I'd be happy to share my story. That's too bad that you're having problems with your insurance--like you need the extra worries!

Angel---My doctor told us not to bd every day. She recommended every other day. I don't know if it really matters or not...sperm is sperm.... :)


Melissa - January 6

Oh yeah....good luck Saturday with your IUI Ann!!!!!! Buckets of baby dust to you! And...lux & kosi....have you charted your temps? My charts showed that even though I was ovulating I was doing it too late (low progesterone)....add that to the list of things.....<<<sigh>>>


kosi - January 7

hi ladies, how are you all doing today? good, i hope. well i just got done reading the post "this says it all" and boy it really does! i printed it out and i am going to stick it on my fridge to remind me i'm not the only one thinking that.
Ann, thank you for explaining everything for me...the more i know the better. but that lap sounds awfully painful (going through your belly-button and stomach) the hsg procedure doesn't sound to bad though. Melissa~i haven't started temping yet because last month when i bought my thermometer it worked for 2 days before the battery died on me...so now i have to wait until my next af arrives. i would love for you to tell your story and tell me about what you went through. i like to know what other women are going through...it makes me feel not so alone in what i'm going through. well right now i'm on cd 19 and waiting for no af. :o) well, i'm going to go home so i will talk to you girls on monday. have a great weekend and good luck on saturday Ann! ***baby dust***


Kosi - January 7

The LAP is not that bad---it's a surgery & you're put to sleep under anesthesia. I had some minor pain afterwards, but was recovered within a week. When your obgyn told you you were fine, had she done any tests on you? Hopefully you can start charting your temps soon...I really believe it helps the doctor get a better idea of your cycle.


Melissa - January 7

Oops...I just realized that I messed up the previous post...I wrote it, but was writing it TO Kosi...sorry



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