I am SO worried
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jg - February 28

Okay, well last night I think I felt ovulation pain, and today I have EWCM.........problem is in 1/2 an hour I have to have trigger injection for IUI on Friday. Will it hurt to have the trigger if I have already ovulated? What are the chances of ovulating yesterday afternoon, when it was only in the morning that I had an U/S and doc measured two follies - 1 was 15mm and the other 10mm. Could they have released already?? PLEASE HELP!! Any thoughts on this would be very welcome! I am going out of my mind with worry. :-( Thanks.


jg - February 28

Further to above, EWCM started out as a little this morning, but has become quite heavy through the day and still is very present now. SO sorry to gross you out with TMI.


jg - February 28

Well the time came, so I did it. Who knows what's going on with me :-(


LN030905 - February 28

I wish I knew, jg! Im sorry..perhaps ya could call your Dr and ask her? Hope this is it for you :)


slowpoke01 - March 1

jg-more than likely if the follicles were only 15 and 10 you didnt ovulate on your own. my doc triggers when they are between 20-25 so i think that you should be alright. i have ovulation pain before my follicles get real big so that just may be the case with you. i think that you should be alright. i know that this is too late and i am sorry but i didnt want you to worry too much about it so i wanted to reply to you and let you know what i thought. although you probably already know whether or not you have ovulated. good luck to you.


jg - March 1

Thanks for responding slowpoke and LN. I went in for the IUI today and asked doc about it - he though that since the follie was only 15mm at the time that it was not likely. I am SUCH a worrywart! :-)



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