I am so upset that I cannot concieve.
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debbie - December 30

I have spent six years and thousands of $ to find there is nothing wrong with me. I have two children and I am 38 years old. Invitro scares me and my doctor says I stopped ovulating. Is there any hope of concieving a child. Should I try the invitro?


sunny - January 1

if u have two children i dont understand why u should be spending too much money and feel frustated.


Lisa - January 3

I totaly understand Debbie - I am 38, I have 2 children (now 18 &16) but they were from my first marriage (my first husbnd died in a car accident at only 23) anyway life goes on and I met a great guy, we got married and wanted have baby together, now it turns out after doing alot of tests that the problem is me, due to having PID I could not conceive so I had corrective surgery done and after that they said I had a 30% chance, well that was 10 years ago and still nothing - Dr say's now that the scar tissue would have built up again and that I have no chance of getting pregnant - It really does depress me at times because I can't give my husband one of his own children although he has brought up my 2 and has been a great dad - I know how you feel.



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