I am so upset and confused!!
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Kelly - April 15

I have been going through a really tough time for the past 7mths. All dealing w/ dr concerning female problems. Now FI
NALLY the dr. was ready to let me ttc. She precribed clomid, since I am 37 and periods are heavy, to help me conceive more quickly. I went and got the prescription filled and for once was EXCITED about my af arriving. Guess what? my period was due 4/9 and still no af. I am never over 28 days so I tested yesterday 4/14. Got a bfn. Called the nurse pract. @ my obg and she said give it another week and if I do not start they will call me in a prescription of provera (I think that is right name) to start my period. I cant stand this waiting because even though I got a bfn, your mind will play games saying "oh, you could still be pregnant". I keep cramping off and on and that aggravates me also. I never thought I would be wanting my period to start so badly. I am mentally exhausted. I am having difficulty eating and sleeping. Well, thanks for letting me vent a little. Lets just keep each other in our prayers...God is in control. Baby dust to all


Heather - April 15

Kelly - I feel your pain hon... I have been having whacky periods since I went off the pill in August 2003. I think I had 8 periods total in a year and a half. I started provera cuz dh and I wanted to ttc & I'm not ovulating or bleeding regularly. I did take the provera and then the clomid and got pg the first month. I had a m/c at 9 weeks unfortunately. My dr wanted me to wait like 2 months before taking the provera again & I told them NO... That is too long. I took it after 5 weeks and now af is really weird. I'm sure it's cuz of the m/c... Now I have to start the clomid again. If you think you are pg... Call your dr and tell them you want a blood test & don't want to wait until next week. The way provera works is you generally take it for 10 days and then on the 11th or 12 day you will finally start your period. I hate that it takes so long because it is just that much more waiting you have to do. Good luck!! Baby dust to you! *~*~*~*~


May - April 15

I been goin to a fertility dr and never really had normal periods. He put me metformin seems to be working ok with the periods so far, but he also told me provera was a bad drug to be put on if you are ttc, because the drug only brings on your period.


Kelly - April 16

Thanks so much for your answers. My fear of Provera was that I could still possibly be pregnant and it cause miscarriage and that it may mess up by bodies natural fertile system. I am not sure what to do, I made an appt. for monday after reading your responses so the dr. can draw blood, etc. and I will explain my concerns to her. I just dont feel right having the doc call in a prescription to bring my period on w/o checking me out. Baby Dust to you Heather and May, thanks for your thoughts and concerns. I do not know what I would do w/o having people on this board who help each other out AND understand!!! :-)



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