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Beth - July 30

I need to vent, seriously! I have been buying things here and there off of ebay, and somehow seem to run into all the bad sellers! They tell you one thing about their item, but when I receive it it isn't what they stated it was. Mostly it's not worth sending it back to them, because I don't spend that much (maybe 20 dollars or less) and don't want to spend time shipping it back to them. I think that as a business person, they should know how to handle their customers better! If I have a complaint, they should at least apologize, but no, they just tell me that I have no business complaining to them!!! I will not buy jewelry off there anymore, because it's never what they say it is. I have bought two bracelets, one was 140.00, and stated as being new, but when I got it it had been repaired, and not very well. Then, I bought another bracelet for 10.00, which isn't a big deal, but when I got it, it was a piece of crap. I wrote to the seller to let them know I wasn't upset, but they should be honest about what they're selling no matter what. They wrote back and told me not to call them a liar!! How rude!! What kind of a business person is that! THEN there is the problem with my new job. My boss is a liar! He told me I would be full time with benefits, and so far I have less than 15 hours a week and no benefits at all. I tried to confront him and he blames ME. How is that possible?! So he wants me to pick up some hours at another hospital this week, which is fine I guess, but now I find out my husband's grandpa is going to be in there, and his family hates us and has nothing to do with us ever since we dated. It's been six years, and they never speak to us unless it's for yelling. Last year, my husband's brother hit my car, and it ended up being my fault, even though the car was parked, and I wasn't anywhere near it. I am SO hormonal! I'm not even pregnant yet, and now I'm having trouble sleeping because of all the stress. I don't know what to do. I need a more stable job, and benefits if I'm going to have a baby. This is what I went to college for! I want to be able to support my family. My husband is ill, and can't work. He's always in pain, so we can hardly ever have sex. It's nearly impossible! And this would be where I get rid of a lot of stress. Sex is good for that!!! Ok. I hope that you all will understand that I just needed someplace to vent. I hope I can sleep now. I'm so upset, I feel like throwing up. Please, no bad responses. I know I said a lot, but I just need someone to listen.


Anna - July 30

Beth, vent away! We all have times in our lives where everything seems to be going wrong and we'd like to just throw in the towel and give up. But hang in there! One day, all those things will be behind you and you'll be able to look back on them and see how much you've grown from those experiences. Just keep your head up and keep on moving forward and brighter days will come! I hope you have a supportive circle of friends and family who can be there for you when you need them. That's really important! And most importantly, trust in God to take care of all your needs no matter what they are! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. LOL


Beth - July 30

God is the only thing that's keeping me together. I can never lose faith. One thing I don't have is a supportive family I can talk with about all of this. I'm pretty much on my own for this. thank you for your reply, it was very encouraging.


sue - July 30

Beth, i do perfectly understand you and your situations. it is very good that you have faith in God at the times of difficulty. I too am in some difficult situation in my life, and i find myself all alone in this world, facing it, while the rest of them sit in their places blaming me for evetrything!. i know this is terrible. i used to be a strong believer in God, but all these events have taken a deep toll in me. Now i am scared to ask anything to God. i just keep my fingers crossed, and see what time has to offer.


Sue - July 31

Please don't give up your faith in God! Instead I think God brings difficult circunstances to draw us to himself and to make us seek after Him, because he wants a relatioship withall of us. We can know God through his son Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. I find comfort in my trials through what he has to say to us through His Word,the Bible. Please read it and find peace! God is there for you!!!!


Beth - August 1

Thank you! That's awesome! It's still very hard for us right now. Since my husband was injured, we haven't been able to go to church, either. We are planning on starting to go back soon, he's recovering very nicely from his surgery, and should be able to sit through the sermons now. I am feeling better, we were able to baby dance last night for the first time in a few weeks. Hopefully we'll be able to do it while I'm o'ing. :) talk to you all soon



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