I AM PREGNANT!!!! Just found out today 4/13/06
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MuzikGurl - April 13

Guess what I found out today I am barely pregnant...first time getting pregnant. Second round of 50 mgs. of Clomid......just thought I'd let you all know....I am currently 12dpo did a urine test at the drs. office with middle of the afternoon pee and low and behold it came out very VERY light but positive!!! I'm so excited...honestly I didn't even know I could get pregnant or even knew I was, the only symptoms I have is peeing more at nights ( I never pee at nights), slight pukey feeling off and on-not much though, boobs hurt off and on nipples are sore, and now I am getting headaches....just want to let you all know I am praying for each and everyone of you....Don't give up hope...we have been trying almost a year now and I have VERY irregular periods and was dx with PCOS but only been taking clomid. Doctor didn't even think this month was our month...I ovulated very late I even got a prescription of 100 mgs. filled and paid for (50 bucks I could still have) and now I don't need them. Dr. told me to save them for round two just in case. Anyways...I want to thank all of you who helpped me out through good and bad and I want you guys to know I am here for you...take care and Spreading my baby dust to everyone!!!! *~*~*~*~*


JENZEY - April 13



Mega - April 13

Yay! Congrats! MuzikGurl. That's wonderful news. Have a happy, healthy 9 months! Take care.


na25 - April 13



MuzikGurl - April 13

thanks so much.,....I still can't believe it! I mean I'm not going through that many preggo symptoms and I keep thinking what if the dr. accidently switched the urine and told me I was pregnant and really I'm not....or what if it's just a chemical pregnancy.....I'm scared but happy all at once...I'm gonna take another hpt in the morning to see if it will show up....I go back on 5/5/06 at 9am to take a blood test and a maybe ultrasound-would be nice to confirm. Thanks so much for ur kindness I am trying hard not to boost about it and brag about it too much cause I know how it feels...I wish you all the best of luck and u have all my prayers!


Tracy88 - April 14

Congratulations! I have read your posts here and there over the last several months and am soooooo glad to hear some good news!! Best wishes!!!!


isa - April 14

congratulations. When did your symptoms start. I am 8dpo/dp iui and waiting.


Cloe - April 14

MuzikGurl, That is wonderful news! Congratulations and all the best!!!


wannabeamom - April 14

Congrat Muzikgirl!!!! Keep us informed on how everything goes. You are the 2nd in a week! I hope you are starting a trend! Are you telling people besides us or are you waiting until the 1st trimester is passed? Just curious. I honetly don't know what I would do. I would be afraid to tell, but would have a very hard time keeping it secret. Congrats again!!!!


JB0405 - April 14

MuzikGurl, we have more in common than I thought... I have ALWAYS had irreguar periods and I too have been dx with PCOS but clomid was not my treatment...I was not treated for a very long time...I have the nipple soreness as well... In any case, I am sooooooo excited for you and as Wannabeamom said...hopefully you're starting a trend and I was wondering the same thing as Wanna...are you going to wait out the 1st trimester or just tell...I feel like Wanna does about that whole thing...just curious... Lots of love and luck...


aish - April 14

thats so gr8..... did u have cramps...or not


MuzikGurl - April 14

Personally the only symptoms I woke up with so far considering I just woke up as just horrible cramping pains...I think my body is just moving around making room....my boobs don't hurt right now but my nipples are sore still and very red. I am feeling like I am hungry but yet pukey feeling at the same time like I ate something and then rode a roller coaster you know that feeling afterwards...well, that's what I am feeling. DH is going through sympathy feelings...he's starting to have food adversion ....where he doesn't like the thing he used too and he said his stomach hurt a little bit too. I think it's cute. My dad went through the same thing with my mom. As for the telling people...hell yea! I was excited...who wouldn't tell?? now if I had a previous miscarriage and pregnant now that would be a different story, probably would wait. But since this is our first and my only pregnancy then yes I am going to tell. This is my story: All my life i have had irregular periods if at all they decided to come. I started my first AF when I was 10 on new years eve out of all days. lasted for a few days very light and that was it. Nothing until I was 12 started while on the playground at school out of all places. Nothing again until I was 15 had a normal period for a year then stopped. wasn't pregnant. Didn't know what was going on until I was about 18 I went to see the ob/gyn (not the same one I have now) at planned parenthood got bcp to regulate me period. They helpped for about a year then nothing. I didn't cared about it coming anymore so I didn't go to the dr or anything just left it at that. I didn't have another period until I was 21 came outta the blue then nothing until I was 22 met Tommy who is now my husband I knew I was gonna end up with them in the end so I figured I need to find out if I can get my periods regular again. So, went back to planned parenthood the same one and they gave me more bcp after about a few months on them we got engaged....then in 2005 we got married in June in July I went to the dr. again and she told me that if I was seeking pregnancy I would have to go to an ob/gyn cause planned parenthood is there to prevent pregnancies not promote them. So, I left in search of a good ob/gyn but no luck.. one day I got a bladder infection went to my gp and he sent me to a urologist that worked in a big building...so, i went he gave be stupid velscore pills to keep my bladder from being over active...(never took them I thought it was a total joke all I needed was cranberry juice and water)...on the way out the door I noticed other drs. work in the building...and the last door I came to right before walking outside was an ob/gyn who accepted my insurance. So I walked in made an appointment. The dr,. took one look at me and all he kept talking to me about is geting a gastro bypass surgery so I can lose weight and that's why I can't get pregnant. everytime I left his office I was in tears. He didn' t care about the patient it was money he cared about. BUt I kept seeing him. He finally sent me in for an ultrasound and trans/vag. found out I have a cyst on my right ovary but I was told it's not growing don't worry about it. So I didn't...He told me I have the symptoms of PCOS and to take metaformin and gave me a 100mgs. of clomid. every time I saw the dr. he uped my dosage of met. until I was taking 5 pills a day...about 2500 mgs. I HATED the side effects and decided not to take it anymore. The clomid made my vision blurry so I couldn't drive. I told him about it and he said that's not a side effect of the clomid I argued with him and said yes it is I did my research and he looked it up and low and behold it was listed as a side effect. So, he said well, since you have bad side effects of the clomid you have to go see a fertility specalist and that will cost you 10,000 dollars!!!!! I'm like hell no!!! I cried forever after that. Then my dad mentioned that my mom's old ob/gyn is still in practice and he deliverd me and my brother and my cousin. So, he can't be too bad. So, I checked him out and he was a very nice guy. I told him my experience with my last ob/gyn and he was shocked. First of all I never needed metaformin, second you never start a patient on clomid of a 100mgs. always start them at 50 if not 25 mgs. (cut pill in half) he probably over stimulated my ovaries and that probably gave me the bad side effects. He sent me in for another ultrasound to check for cysts...and I still have one but it's not big he wasn't worried about it. I was given provera to take my first month in Dec. 2005. was successful with my period. Jan 2006 I wasn't given anything to see if my period would come on it's own and it did. Feb I started first round of clomid 50mgs. did very well on it but neg. pg test. March given another round of clomid 50 mgs. but didn't ovulate as soon as the dr. thought I was. Instead I was late for ovulation but dh and I had sex about 5 times during my 10 day staying up...I sure I missed it...so was the dr. last friday. so he gave me another around of clomid but 100mgs. to take if af doesn't come take it on days 38 it was day 33 when he gave me the clomid. I got it filled paid out of pocket 46 bucks. day 38 rolled around I started cramping but no af I called the dr. told him my temps were still high he told me to come in the next day for a pg. test just incase and if neg. to go ahead and take the clomid. The next morning I was so sure af was here I kept running to the bathroom every 2 hours....but nothing. went to see the dr. that afternoon and that's when he said I was pregnant! I couldn't believe it I made him show me proof. he showed me the stick and it was a very light pos. I'm not having that much symptoms right now all except just cramping and nauseated feeling but that's it. Maybe I'm a lucky one with little or no symptoms...maybe this will be an easy one for me. who knows...I bought 99 cent store brand pg test for myself took one last night it was neg. took one this morning very light like a shadow showed up I have one test left. I only bought 3. dad doesn't trust them. He thinks I should buy a more expensive one...they seem to be more realiable. DH said I don't need any other proof. The dr. says ur pg. so ur pg. that's it. lol...but I wanna see for myself...it's hard to belive. well, I'm on 13dpo usually pg. test can pick up at least 14dpo. I still feel like af is about to start but nothing is there I did noticed my CM is more creamy and wet slippery down there...last night it was dry kinda. humm...sounds fishy..lol..(thank God it doesn't smell fishy)..lol. I go back to see the dr. on 5/5/06 at 9am for what I'm hoping is a blood test and crossing fingers for a ultrasound. I am hoping the best of luck for each and every one of you. PLease don't give up hope. The only symptoms before I took the urine pg.test at the drs. that I had was just cramping and my boobs hurt..just like during af and PMS symptoms. I so wish there was one symptom that could make a big difference so we wouldn't have to worry about it month after month. Take Care of yourselves...trust me it will happen. right now I am not even in the clear I might miscarry or worse so, I'm still in the same boat as each and every one of you. Praying for you all. Take Care. I hope I answered all ur questions...if there are any I didn't or you have more feel free to ask away.


na25 - April 14

Wow, MuzikGirl I read your post and it is so touching, you are so sweet. GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST at your ultrasound. You did it!!!! Yaaaaaaah!


JB0405 - April 14

Hey Muzik, Thanks for your very good post, you reminded me of my period or lack thereof... I too am having the same here comes af feelings...this waiting is killing me, but I am trying to remain calm. By the way, I take metformin(4 a day) to control my body's insulin resistance and synthroid for my thyroid and as if that wasn't enough, I take estradiol(to thicken the lining of the uterus)... I hope it works.... BABY DUST FOR ALL!!!


JB0405 - April 14

sorry not you remind me of my period, LOL... I meant to say your story...


aish - April 14

to MuzikGurl ...
it means u r having slight cramps...so it means u can get cramps while u r preggo...


MuzikGurl - April 15

Yes u can be pregnant even if u get cramps. I thought AF was coming but she never arrived...I didn't worry too much until I noticed on my BBT chart my temps stayed up instead of dropping like the month before. That's when I called the dr. and he told me to come in for a urine pg. test. That's when I found out it was a pos. I think Monday I am gonna go buy a digital one to see if it comes up with the word Pregnant. by then I will be 16dpo. I have been using dollar tree brand and 99 cent store brand but the dollar tree one was a dud. It gave me a invalid?!? It didn't even turn pink at all. and the 99 cent store ones I took some came out a very VERY light faint pos. and some came out neg. So, I am not trusting them. Everyone here is asking me why am I still doing pg test???? if the dr. says ur pregnant then u are pregnant. But I guess I just wanna see for myself. I hope the digital ones come up Pregnant at 16dpo ....but to answer ur question yes, almost all of the early pregnancy symptoms are the same as PMS symptoms and you feel like ur on ur period minus the bleeding. I never had implantation bleeding either so, I was scared about being pregnant...but some women hav eit and others don't. best of luck!!



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