i am ovulating but still doctor prescribed me clomid
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heather *s - October 24

why my doc. prescribed me clomid if am ovulating by my own ? can anyone else explain it.As i have my blood work,hsg.now she said have clomid. i hope it will work,ttc 7 freaking mths...


Julie - October 24

Heather, have you been charting to confirm ovulation? Also, do you know what your luteal phase is? I have read on these forums that if your luteal phase is too short to sustain a pregnancy, they will prescribe Clomid. I hope this helps. I too ovulate on my own, have ds and got pregnant a year ago which I miscarried. Just started trying again in June and have not gotten pregnant, which is odd because the last two, I conceived within 2 months. My doctor has prescribed Clomid to make sure I ovulate. Have not gotten my period yet, so I have not started taking yet.


hether*s - October 24

yeh i used opks ,i told my doc also, she said it will increase ur eggs as she will do my sonogram to check.


sherry - October 24

that is what happened to me. i ovulated but i went from 1 to 5 eggs and got pregnaht that month, with clomid! the dr. ordered it, and i was happy


Angela - October 24

Sherry--what days did you take clomid? Did you end up having multiple babies?


to sherry - October 25

please do tell us how much mg.u took as i am taking 50mg.
do u think we do sex everday during ovulationand shud we use pillow below hips so that sperms go inside.i hope u will reply soon....heather*s



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