I AM OVULATING..but doc told me to take clomid
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pv - October 20

hi am ttc 6 mths, i ovulated in all my cycle but with BFN..Now my doc told me to start 100mg. clomid. what will clomid do? anyone is taking clomid?Any


sherry - October 20

i started on 100mg to, and 1 month of it, i was pregnant. i ovulated on my own every month to, nothing was ever found wrong with me at all, but still he prescribed it. heck i got 5 egss out of it, which is better, then just 1, and a beautiful baby girl, from the first round. i didn't like the mood swings, and ovulation cramps i got from clomid, but it was worth the end result. good luck. sherry


PV - October 20

thanx sherry for the info. can u answer this Q. we shud do sex every day or every other day? my hubby's sperm count is normal.



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