I AM Oing, but still not pg
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missy - November 30

Hi Girls, I've seen a lot of posts regarding Clomid. Is clomid taken when you are not ovulating? What if someone IS ovulating, and dh is fine, but still can't get pg? What is done for that? Just general tests?


Mega - November 30

That's the main reason Clomid is prescribed--to induce O in anaovlatory women. But it can also help Leautal Phase defects, regulate cycles, induce earlier ov, etc. Have you had any tests like the HSG to make sure your tubes are clear? There are also blood work & u/s that can help drs figure out why you aren't getting pregnant. Also, how long have you been TTC? Drs say it can take a healthy couple with no issues up to a year. Really it can all be a timing issue. Have you charted BBT? That's a good start too. It takes a few months to establish your pattern though. Good luck. I hope this helps! Hang in there. I know it's hard. I've been TTC 15 mos. or so, my DH & I have both female & male issues. But I know it'll happen for me & I'm sure it will for you too.



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