i am irregular and have a question
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Jennifer - July 19

I usually have irregular periods, since i went off birth control i have been pretty normal. i have not had a period since april 1st, 2005. i only remember that because i got fired as well. i have taken several rpegnancy tests, could i still be pregnant. i fluctuate my weight a lot also lately.


chicks - July 19

Hi Jennifer! I think you should make a doctor's appt and get them to do a transvaginal as well as an ultrasound to check for PCOS (as the weight gain and lack of periods are classic symptoms) as well as cysts. Get them to do blood tests as well (insulin resistance, testosterone level, etc.) I had gone 7 months without a period when I got off the pill for TTC. I highly doubt that there could be a pregnancy after this long of BFN's, but, just go get that checked as soon as possible so you can get on your way with TTC a beautiful baby! Take care and keep me posted.. Baby dust to you!


chrissy - July 19

I got off of bcp about 7 or 8 months ago and still have not had a period yet. It takes awhile for ur body to get back to normal. I would go to your doctor. Baby dust....


chicks - July 19

Hi Chrissy!
I would suggest that you also take the advice that I gave Jennifer.. It is not normal to not have a period for 7 or 8 months.. I had that problem and it turns out that I had a 6 cm cyst that was stopping me from having a period.. And, it turns out that I have PCOS which I just found out a month ago. Also, it's not good to go without a period because you're not shedding a lining which means that you're at higher risk for cancer because it just keeps building up and you're not getting rid of it. Yes, it varies with each woman how long it takes to get back to normal after being on the pill, but you should have had one by now. My doctor says that it should only take between 1-3 months (on average) to get back to normal after the pill. Please, go and get checked out and see if your doctor can prescribe you prometrium or something to get your periods started.. Just a word of advice.. I'm not trying to scare you by any means, but through all of my research on the internet and everything I have been through myself, I have learned a lot about periods and TTC. Let me know how it goes!


To Chicks - July 19

I just found out that I just ovulated soooo if I dont start my period by the 4th of August I would go to the doctors and get some pills. They have put me on provera before to induce my period. I just hope we dont have to do that again. It was horrible I have terrible cramping felt sick ALL THE TIME and etc......



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