I am in shock but here is what I got for all of you.
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d - July 25

Dh and I have been ttc 11 months. (if you really count the beginning of 2005 we were ttc for 17 months. We were just getting ready to go to the infertility specialist... This is what we did different this month and I wanted to share it with all of you. We bd'd everyday from day 4 until the 15 but then I lost count after that. I wasn't really keeping track. I did not mark when we bd'd and when we didn't. I didn't temp either. Basically we took a break. I was tired of the bfn's every month. SO far as of yesterday and today i got 3 BFP's. And I am in shock. I know every month is a heartbreak. And i was already at breaking point my the time af started in June. My lmp was on 6/22. and yesterday 7/24 i got my first bfp. I know for some of you this may not be what you want to read. But somehow it happened. Whether it was not paying attention or forgetting about it and being mad, it happened. I don't know if I am speaking too soon, But i just had to share that it does happen to those of us that wait and wait and cry every month. I am sending all the babydust that I can to all of you, in hopes that you will all get your bfps!!. With lots of Babydust!! FINALLY!!!!!!!! :o)


linds99 - July 25

Awesome story. My biggest congratulations to you. Thank you for sharing that...what a long road for you it must have been. I've been trying for nine months and I am just so down about this not happening, so I know what you mean about not wanting to face more negatives. What a beautiful miracle for you :)


d - July 25

One More thing Ladies that I forgot. My bb's usually hurt from 2dpo on. they throb from the moment I O until af comes. This month they didn't start to hurt until after af was late. And some mild cramps from when it was 2 days late.


d - July 25

I thank you Linds 99. I didn't want to hear it when my mom said stop trying.. To me everyone else was getting pg but me and it was unfair. (like my stepsister).. Yours is on the way. The wait is seems forever and it is forever.


d - July 25

Oh one more thing. They are the faintest lines I have ever seen


linds99 - July 25

"Stop trying?" The only thing I would want to hear is "keep trying, you can do it, etc..." But perhaps it does happen when you don't try...that still is not fair though...when you want something so bad and you can't have it and then it gets to the point you are all pissed off and mad and then it happens...that is life for you.


d - July 25

Oh trust me. I hate those words stop trying. We didn't stop but we just tried not to count it all. If that makes any sense. The words stop trying hurt a lot there is no such thing. It is all we all think about.


bl - July 25



pdan - July 25

D, that's wonderful! Congratulations!!

I can completely relate to what you went throgh and I went through an equally frustrating and at times depressing journey. I have a long cycle and my doc kept insisting we should just try naturally. We have been ttc since July 2005. In March we finally decided to try fertility treatments and talked our Doc into starting us on Clomid. We did two rounds of Clomid and the second one had to be abandoned. Plus it took close to three months for the two cylces since I have long cycles. I was getting the feeling that time was running out, everyone around me was getting pregnant, all my friends were leaving me behind and this was one thing I had absolutely no control on.

The doctor decided to start me on Puregon in June and I was to have an US on cd3. My nurse gave me a call from the Doc's office that afternoon and told me that I had a cyst and they would not be able to go ahead with Puregon this cycle. It was not wise to to take fertility drugs with a cyst present and they would have to wait out this cycle and see if it disappeared on its own. I felt like I was punched in my gut. I had just convinced myself to not give up and that this was a new cycle with new hope. The news at the doc's just completely devastated me. i had to wait another 40 days and still wouldnt know if I could go ahead with the treatment.All the way back home I was completely silent and refused to talk to DH.

As we were nearing home, all of a sudden i felt a strange sense of calm. I had nothing to lose anymore, i could control nothing and realised that the nurse said they wouldnt give me drugs but she did not tell us not to ttc.

I started analysing what I could really do, where i was going wrong and i realised that the answers to this were not outside but inside of me.

I realised that the fisrt thing to do was refuse to believe that i was infertile, i just had temporary problem getting pregnant. I wasnt going to do anything that affirmed that I wasnt going to get pregnant. i stopped visisting infertility boards and reading babout people with similar problems. i only started reading success stories so that my brain and heart would focus only on what was possible. I realised that i had to balance my body, heart and soul and I did 4 things differently. I always felt i never had the time to exercise. i promised myself I would walk everyday briskly for about 20-30 minutes. I realised that the problem was with the endocrine system that produces hormones and proper functioning of the endocrine system was of utmost importance. Unfortunately I did not know of any drugs, pills, treatments that can directly help in balancing the endocrine glands. My mom swears by acupressure and says that almost anything can be cured by acupressure. And one can easily do it at home without any side effects. I found out frome various websites and books what were the glands associated with the reproductive system, which are the points to access for each of them and made a list of all the points in my hands and feet(and some on my tummy). the most important being the Pituitary gald or the Master Gland. The acupressure point for this is the middle of the thumb nails on both hands and the middle of the big toe nails on both feet. However accessing them from the top of the nail is difficult and one can press the same point from the back of the thumbs and big toes. This has to be combined with various other points too. I used the back of a pencil which has an eraser to press these points.Pls exercise caution on which points to stop pressing once you do get pregnant.
The third thing i did was something called flowdreaming. Please visit www.hayhouseradio.com, register yourelves there for free and access the archives. there are many shows on Flowdreaming by Summer McStravick . It is basically a guided technique to daydream purposefully and intentionally about what you would like to manifest in your life. Just 10 minutes of flowdreaming everyday really makes a huge difference. I also did medictation every morning to bring calmness and peace..although it wasnt very easy or successful but i kept the effort going nevertheless.

Last but not the least I prayed and made affirmations that I was already pregnant, i was already connected to my baby and i was in the process of manifesting it.

Once i was doing all of this consistently everyday, i felt a sense of relief that now I was doing everything to balalnce my life on a overall perspective, i was doing the best I could and left the rest to the Universe and God. I even stopped taking my temperature from around cd 17. I completely believed that when one does the best to take care of ones body, mind and soul and not expecting quick fix solutions then the universe works with you to get you what you want from life.

On day 24 I started temping again..out of curiosity to know if I had ovulated or not. I found that I had and the temp was higher than my usual post ov temps. I did experience AF symptoms and cramps during the days following ov and told myself that my body was getting into balance and if I was not pregnant this month it was not somehting to feel disappointed about, it was just my bosy finally getting what it wants and getting into rhythm and would take about a couple of months to get rid of all the toxins.

I continued temping and my temps remained high. I havea luteal phase of 14-16 days and when i crossed day 16 decided to do an hpt. The next day i was nervous and kept putting off doing the test but finally pulled myself out of bed. I was surprised to see the test shoed up positive almost immediately!!!! I was shocked and at the same time felt an inner knowing that this was to happen. I just got a blood test as positive from my Obgyn's office and an appt for an Ultrasound in two weeks!!!
I always felft I might never know what it is to be pregnant and i couldnt have been more wrong. I would strongly recommend that all of you try everything holistically, not just physical but emotional and spiritual things too. the combination is what works. Pls also listen to another show on hayhouse radio which is under the Crystal Andrus show archive on page 3 which is titled 'New Hope for Infertility' I was listening to it about 3 days back and found she mentions some of the things I was following myself.

I send you all my love, prayers and lots of baby dust. Pls refuse to believe any human being who thinks you wont get pregnant. There is nothing more powerful than the universe and our own soul. Trust in yourself and all your dreams will come true. I say this from personal experience.


linds99 - July 25

Pdan, I never read long posts, however, I was glad that I read yours. That is truly amazing stuff. Maybe there is something to the accupunture...anything is possible. My own RE said that there is still alot that doctors don't know about the whole "conception" period. So, who knows? Sounds like your spirit guided you correctly and you will have a baby soon in your arms. Congratulations..


isa - July 25

for Pdan - I logged ito that website but cant find this page 3 on the archives for the Crystal Andrus show. can you walk it through for me please. ONce i log in I hit on the left archives shows and then what? congrats to you and 'd' on getting pg the natural way.


isa - July 25

disregard I found it through the speakers section. I'm going to listen to the fertility section. thanx again


Mega - July 25

Congrats! on the BFP, d! How exciting. Have a healthy, happy 9 mos! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story.


Tammy276 - July 25

Hey D! congrats! Will we be seeing you over on the first trimester board? My lmp was 6/22 also!!! I got my BFP at like 10 dpo already! It was a full week before my AF was even due!!! Hope to see you over on the other board....I started a thread Anyone just find out they are pregnant, join me! Come on in and join us if you make it over there. Congrats again! I know what you mean about the stop trying. It doesn't mean, STOP! Just stop stressing about it, take a break from the monitoring, drugs. etc.......and it will happen. I O'd unexpectedly this month, 2 weeks earlier than normal, and it happened for us! Well good luck!


d - July 25

Wow. Thanks Ladies.


mommy2josh - July 25

Congrats D on your BFP. I am a strong believer in the power of suggestion, but it never worked for me. As much as I tried to ignore it and to "stop trying" (which I did for about 18 months) this wont work for everyone. Enjoy your pregnancy :). PDAN, great story.


pdan - July 26

Thanks ladies, Praying for everyone!



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