i am feeling Implantation
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Pinky - March 6

Good morning...My first day of last period was feb 11th. My cycle is from 30-37 days. I got + OPK on 24th feb. I beleive i ovulated on 26th. Usually after my ovulation my temp stays above 98.10 F but yesterday it was 98.05 F. In the morning i got little brown (Very very light like off white) mucus and in the evening i got little red blood only when i wiped (once). Today my temperature goes to 98.28 F and see some brown muscus(little darker than yesterday). I think it was implantation... Usually I got spotting 5 days before my period (rarely 7 days before but that time my cycle was 37days this time according to OPK test it's 30 or 31day). That spotting starts with mucus color changes to brown spotting and i got blood only on the day of period and one day before that. This is the first time at this early I saw red blood...So, what do you think? My hopes are really very high this time because of red blood instead of just brown spotting..... Is anybody feels same thing before and found they r preggo?..Please comment...Thanks.


babyloves2play - March 6

Hey Pinky, I've heard that alot of women have implantation bleeding. I've never experienced though but then again I could have and just not noticed at the time. When I got pregnant with 1st I wasn't trying and my 2nd child was conceived in two months after going off birth control patch. This time I've been off patch since Oct 2005 and been trying ever since to get pregnant. Like you, my last period began on Feb 11th. I think I ovulated between 27th and 29th. So I'm in torturous 2ww.


Pinky - March 6

Thanks. Is anybody have idea when i should check pregnancy test. I m afraid to look at it...My hopes r really very high becase of temperature dip and red blooding...I can't accept it if it's negative. What do u think? Please please please respond....


Pinky - March 7

My temperature is again 98.28F today an d getting little brown mucus...After implantation how long it's take for HGC to see in the urine test? I am due on 13th but my hopes r really very high. I am trying not to test before that but let's see how long I can wait!!...


Mega - March 7

Good luck. Sounds promising. Keep us posted!


Pinky - March 8

My temperature goes to 98.58F today...Yeeeeeeeeeeee.....I hope it will stay. I am planing to test tomorrow. I am due on 13th but I can't wait. I am planing to visit doctor on saturday.


Pinky - March 8

No more spotting today...):-...I went to bath room several time to make sure there is nothing comes up when I wiped. So, just spotted 3 days and gone...never happened!!! I am very happy and confident this time. I hope it won't make me cry latter on..


Pinky - March 9

Oh no...Today my tempearture drop to 98.10F. Soooooooooo sssaaaaaaaaaad. I am checking my temperature in the night also from last few days. In the night it's always about 97.6-97.9 F. What is that mean? I was thinking if u are preggoo your temp should be always above 98.5F or so all the time not just in the morning..What do u think? Anybody have idea how relliable is temp method? I am not spotting any more. Why??? If AF is going to come than I always get it before atleast 4 days starts from little brown mucus to dark mucus, Dark brown blood spotting and than bleed starts...This time it was reverse...Why???...If AF is going to come why I got bleeding (like fresh blood--- about 1 spoon) at 7DPO? Please Please answer...Anybody got bleed around this time and also got AF???..


Pinky - March 9

I am due on 13th march.


Pinky - March 9

I tested with OPK test in the morning....It'a negative...Make me cryyyyy


Mega - March 9

I know you had a temp drop yesterday, but as long as your temp is still above the coverline, you're still in the game. As for the OPK, it can definitely be a predictor of PG, but not always. By Sunday you should be able to test. I hope AF stays away! Good luck.


Pinky - March 9

Thanks mega. But in my last cycle I had 98.10F temp 5 days before I got AF. All those 5 days I was spotting..It remain same till I finish AF..So, I think it's bad number for me..It's AF symbol...



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