I am confused NEED HELP please!!!!!!!
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na25 - April 14

Ok, here it goes. My first day of last period was on March 25th, 2006. So on April 5th I started Ovulex. I had opk + on cycle day 16 …yesterday and day before I started to have hot flushes…which is very strange to me. Never had those before. I am going to the washroom more often and my boobs are little fuller. And yesterday after I had a cup of green tea I vomited and today the same... but my temps are still low…first they were 97.0 then went down to 95.2 and then 96.8 and this morning 97.1
I do have increased cm and it is white and creamy at this time. We were bd’ing a lot! But still confused, could it be just Ovulex reaction or I may be pregnant which is scary to think since I don’t want that negative test break my heart again. It is too early for me to test, but I feel strange! NEED SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jaqi - April 15

It could possibly be a reaction to the meds. Wait to see if you get your AF. I have heard - and +things concerning Ovulex. Be careful!


kelley32 - April 15

With low temps I doubt that you are pregnant, or even ovulated at all, but you just never know, stranger things have happened. I agree with Jaqi, and I also have heard mixed experiences with Ovulex.


na25 - April 16

Update: well yesterday morning i forgot to measure my temp., but I did it this morning and it was 97.8. So it jumped up. Good sign. And we bedded every single night. So there is a chance. Will let you know. Thanks a lot for you responds!



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