i am 17
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17 - November 22

17,pregnant,senior in school,been with my fiance 3 years.scard but exited


nice future - November 22

nice future for your kid...you haven't even graduated yet and you're already popping one out huh?? wow you're going to be such a great kid...i mena mom


hmmmm - November 22

did you not read the Q & A??? It says: Problems getting pregnant. Sorry your scared but here we are trying hard to have a child and seeing a 17 yr old not even out of school seems like a slap in the face to us here.


to 17 - November 22

you are in the wrong forum..don't expect too much support here.


just me.... - November 22

geez people...jealousy.....show a little compassion.....good luck honey, i am sure you will be a great mom!!!!!


I agree with just me.. - November 22

You cant be brutal to someone who has what we all want. Sure it will be a hard road for her, but she didnt come here to get bashed. Good luck to you 17!


to: just me & anyone else - November 22

it's not about having what we want, it's about her being 17...how are you going to teach a child anything when you dont know anything because you got knocked up and dropped out of high school. i just feel really bad for the baby that's going to born to a couple of kids.


MP - November 22

To 17: I'm so happy that you are excited to have a baby! That's good, keep that happy feeling throughout your pregnancy. Since you are engaged, I'd probably move in with the dad so that he can fully be a part of things (or have him live with you and your parents or vice versa)...if this isn't possible, just make sure he is a part of things so you two don't drift apart. Are your parents supportive? Keep me posted!! :)


to:mp - November 22

it's sick that you would encourage this little girl to have this child with a lack of education and insist that her boyfriend move in with her parents-how dare you?? what if her parents don't care to have this boy who just knocked up there little girl living with them??? how would you feel if your 16 or 17 year old daughter came home and told you she's been having sex and she was pregnant and not finishing high school and oh yeah by the way can my baby's daddy move in...i dont think you'd be to thrilled about that situation so i dont think you should be encouraging it. i'm definitely not going to support another young girl who just had to have a baby living off of welfare which comes out of my tax money that i have to work very hard for. i think this little girl should think about adopting this child out to someone who will really be able to take care of it and then she should go back and finish school, so that the next time she gets knocked up by her boyfriend she'll actually be able to offer the child a half way descent life. i'm sorry, but i dont agree with ignorance breeding ignorance and just like someone else in here said:how can you teach a child anything if you dont know anything yourself. we are all grown women in here and this is just an insult that some little girl is coming in here looking for some kind of support (probably b/c her parents are not encouraging/supporting her in this descision) and thinks it is cute to be pregnant. FYI: 90% of the california prison population are children of teen pregnancies, the cost TO our government of teen pregnancy is about $7 BILLION dollars annually, neerly 50% of teen pregnancy mothers receive government assistance, about 70% of teen mothers dont get prenatal care, only 1/3 of teen mothers actually do get their high school diploma's and only 1.5% get a college degree....so before you go encouraging things like this-why dont you do some research.


leta - November 22

Really, you all should give this girl a break. She never said that she was dropping out of high school, so why do you all keep saying that?? Plus, she is obviously engaged since she said fiance! Just because she's seventeen and pregnant, does not mean she's not going to make something of her life and be a great mom. And who are you to judge her?? Unexpected things happen to everyone and pregnancy just happens to be one of them for some people. She obviously cares enough about her baby and pregnancy to look for support and guidance. TO 17: Good luck sweetie and finish up school for yours, your fiance, and your baby's sake. Try to continue your education with college, but remember to put your family first. Get married and make sure you have a stable enviroment for your baby. Surround yourself with loving, supportive people who will be good encouragement to you and your little family. I commend you for respecting human life and choosing to keep your little one. I would, also, advise finding pregnancy forums, because I don't think you are going to get a lot of support from anyone here. Best of wishes and congrats on your little one! I'll keep you in my prayers.


My 2 cents - November 22

I've known quite a few people who ended up getting pregnant when they were very young & went on to finish schooling & provide a very loving stable home for their kids. That's not me, I'm older, I waited til I got married to try to have a family, I'm still trying. But that's my life, that's what was best for me. I can't speak for someone else. Besides, what's this about encouraging "17"? What's to encourage? It's a done deal, she's pregnant, she's making the best of a less than ideal situation. I won't sugarcoat it, it's very hard 17, but good luck to you. Take care of yourself, take care of this baby. I do hope you stay in school.


My 2 cents - November 22

To "To Leta" what a horrible thing to say that she doesn't deserve to have a child. You are on an infertility board. Remember that. We are all suffering here, let's be supportive of one another. That's all Leta was trying to do. That only positively reflects on her abilities if you ask me. Saying she'd be a bad mother has really crossed the line. You are certainly entiltled to your opinion, & I believe for the most facts your stats are pretty accurate, but when it comes to passing judgement about Leta's mothering abilities based on her one posting trying to offer support to a child, keep that kind of opinion TO YOURSELF. It's hurtful, and narrow minded.


to: my 2 cents - November 22

encourage means to 1)inspire with courage spirit or hope 2) to spur on 3) to give help or patronage to-ok. and what do you mean the "best" of the situation? is it best that she's still a little girl having a baby? is it best that her "fiance" probably doesn't even have a job that pays at least $10 p/h and she's probably not working either? is it best that she's probably not going to finish school this year? is it best that she probably doesn't have any insurance for herself -unless she's covered by her parents, which if she is they usually dont cover their employ's child having a child? is it best that this girl is probably going to have to live with either her parents or this boys parents b/c they wont be able to raise a baby and afford a place of their own? and is it "best" that their parents are going to have to deal with this?? i dont think so. so like i said stop encouraging this girl as if the situation she's going to put that poor baby in is a good thing. i do not feel bad for anyone in this ordeal except for the poor child that is going to have to go through all of this. and you are trying to sugarcaot it by telling her that doing this is ok and that everything will be ok.


and.. - November 22

don't forget ladies- sometimes these posts are "fake" to get a rise out of us... stay focused on your goals and try not to look at all the other craziness around.


Have to say something - November 22

To SOME degree, I can see where you are coming from with her age and all of the many obstacles ahead of her. BUT, she is already pregnant. It is very presumptuous of you to assume that she will be a leech on society. She could become one of the millions of hard working people that takes care of their family. She probably did not plan to get pg, it happened, as things do. What would you have her do, have an abortion? Now that would be horrible. And if you would condone it, you are definitely not as high and mighty as you think are.

Statistic are just statistics. It is words and actions that make people good people. From your posts, you do not sound like a very good person. I cannot believe you are in a forum for people ttc and are telling people that God has not given them a baby because they would not be a good mother. (For the record, God is always capitalized, looks like maybe you should go back to school).


My 2 Cents - November 22

Well said "Have to say something."


leta - November 22

To MP:I agree with 2 Cents that you crossed the line by what you said. It was extremely rude and ignorant. BTW, I'm happily pregnant right now and have no doubt that I will be a wonderful mother to my child! But I have been on these forums before becoming pregnant and know how wonderful it is to recieve encouragement and support. This is a forum for support and not condemnation. You have no idea what this girl's situation and circumstances are and I think that NO ONE has the right to judge her because of her decisions. She has found herself in a difficult situation and needs people to guide and support her and help her make good decisions. What do you want everyone on this forum to tell her? Your a horrid person... Get an abortion... You'll be a nothing...? It sounds like you want her to be another statistic! Screw statistics and grasp this opportunity to help change someone's life in a positive way! Perhaps if you encouraged her to do something good with her life, she won't fall into those statistics. And while your divorce statistics are probably true, take a look at divorce statistics of every other group and their probably not too far behind. The most important thing is that she respects and upholds human life in choosing to keep her baby. That's something to commend her for! A lot of teenage girls just run out and get an abortion because it's convenient, but she chose not to. I would think that this would be something many women on these forums would respect her for. Human life is what we're all trying to create and protect, right?



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