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mrs.turnah - September 29

...anyone had one? ...scheduled for one on Monday...any discomfort? Pregnancy after a hystosalpingogram? I would love any info you can give me...thanks.


Julie - September 29

not sure.. I have one on Tuesday... Good luck!


mrs. turnah - September 29

...good luck to you to Julie...let me know


Kristi - September 29

Haven't had one yet, but will probably have in the next few months so you will have to keep us posted. However, I have two close friends who both got pg the month following a HSG....one them on both her pg's! However, if you read some of the other questions in this forum you will find quite a bit from people who have already had a HSG...


aish - September 29

hi frnds, i just had my HSg today (half an hour before).Yeh when doctor put dye it was sooo hurting i was yelling mummy mummy....but as soon he removed thing from my vagi... ,pain went off...,... i am spotting now...my tubes r open i hope i will get some good news after HSg ..please pray for me i will pray for u all. baby dust to u all... any questions about hsg u can ask me.. best wishes to u turnah&julie


trying in NC - September 29

I had one in Feb 2005. It is uncomfortable and there is some pain as dye is going through. It is not a promise anything will happen after but some are lucky to get perg. after having it done.


nk - September 29

had one 3 months ago all was fine. it hurt just when he shot the dye in but fine after that. Still not pregnant but nice to know it was all clear.


sweety - September 29

hi after hsg & blood test (all came ok)what will my gynec do? or presribe me something?...as ttc long time ...


Renee - September 29

Painful. Had it 1 month ago and not pregnant yet. Good luck. Motrin did not help me.


Andy - October 1

Just had mine on Friday (Sept 30) I think that the worst part is the waiting prior.. cause once you get in there and get going it only lasts minutes and you are done and have your answers! Mine was painful.. but for only 3-5 mins.. Good Luck


Toni - October 2

I was so nervous about mine and then I had no pain at all. Take your advil before you go. And then relax. I only felt very slight cramps for about 2 minutes after it was done.


Cendy - October 2

Mrs. Turnah, I had mine last Thursday and I my tubes were blocked. It was painful because they doctor had a hard time getting to my cervix. Apparently I have a deeper cervix than other women. They had to actually prop me up to get to it. I was so sore afterward, but that is because of the manipulation of my cervix. I would suggest taking meds before you get to the drs office. It did help, but I had to take more. I suggest taking Aleve. I am glad I had the test and would do it again. I wish you much luck!


me - October 2

I have not had it done...yet...but I read that it seems to go easier if you go right before O time, where your cervix is more open and tlel your dr ahead of time to shoot the dye in slowly. Most just shoot it in like they would a needle and that can supposedly cause pain. Let me know how it is. I will probably be getting one in a month or so. Good luck!!


mrs. turnah - October 3

...thanks for the info...been away all weekend..came back to lots of helpful messages...I have my test today at 2:45...I know what is coming thanks to you all....I am such a wimp..hope I can handle it...keeping fingers crossed for no blockage or anything else of the matter....


step - November 11

i had one just yesterday and all of the waiting and anticipation before it is done is the hard part...it WASNT painful at all and it took only min...the dr was done and i didn't feel a thing. i had severe cramping afterwards but i took 2 motrin and the pain went away....good luck everyone!


Tanya0976 - October 11

I had one a couple of years ago and I was pregnant that week! We have been trying for another baby since Jan. Iam scheduled this afternoon for another one. We're keeping our fingers cross that it works for us again. Good Luck to all!


telina - October 14

I had an HSG last Thursday.. it wasnt bad at all( but they say it is different for everyone). My doc gave me valium and motrin to take before the test so that helped. :) hoping to O next week.... so maybe this will be my month!! TTC 1 year!! Good luck to all of you!!!!



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