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MindyK825 - October 2

I just had a HSG done .....how long do I have to wait to try to concieve agian? they didnt say anything at the doctors office about waiting....is it safe to try right away? I read that the first 3 months after the procedure is the best time but what about within the first month?


mtnlass - October 2

My doctor didn't say anything about waiting, so I'd say if you feel up to it go for it. I had mine in August and so far haven't conceived but as usual hoping this next cycle will be the one. Baby dust.


Maren - October 4

I have to get HSG this tuesday and dr. said we could try this month. Good luck.


lisa_sc - October 4

Hi Mindy. I got pregnant 2 1/2 months after my HSG. It's the best time to get pregnant. Honey, start bd now!



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