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grad19 - July 21

Hi ladies. I need to have this test run soon and I was wondering if anyone has had it done. I was curious as to how uncomfortable it really is, and what happens after the test. I have heard it clears your tubes out and that some women end up pregnant shortly after the test. Any input would be wonderful. Thanks!


Tracy88 - July 21

I had it done in March. I was very nervous just because I didn't know what to expect, but it was a piece of cake. The worst you feel is like menstrual cramps. They had to dialate my cervix, which was not pleasant, but that doesn't happen often, so no worries. I did not get PG after the fact, but a friend of mine did, so as you know, everyone is different. I recently had a laparoscopy, so now I know why I wasn't getting PG. There are so many factors involved in getting PG.....what works for one, may not work for others. Good luck and don't worry. You will feel better knowing if your tubes are open or not.


dmk - July 21

Hi grad19- I had it done last month. It was not painful for me. I did not get preg the first month. I'm hoping this month I will. Go read the "Pregnancy after HSG test" post. I will bump it up for you.


MelissaV - July 21

I had an HSG done about a year ago. I'm not trying to scare you, but it was very uncomfortable for me. I was very nervous, though, so I think that did not help at all. Both my tubes were blocked which I think is why it hurt me so badly. The test did not clear out my tubes, but I hear it does on many women. All in all, I think it is a good test, because you can learn a lot from it. Even though I swore I would never do one again at the time, I am already planning on asking for another one next week to see if my tubes really got cleared during my laparscopy. Good luck! Oh...and remember to take some ibuprofin before the test.


Tracy88 - July 21

I just wanted to add to my previous post. I had to have a sonohysterogram recently, which is similar to the HSG, and I was so nervous, I asked the doc to prescribe me something. Since they had to dialate my cervix during the HSG, I was afraid they would have to do it again, so he prescribed me a valium to calm my nerves. The doc's were different, and the one who did the sonohyst was so good I didn't even feel it. I'm sure the valium helped though. Good luck.


Kristi1 - July 21

I had and HSG June 26, no pg the first month, and I am only on cd6, so I am hoping this will be the month!!! I have two friends who both got pg the month they had the test, one of them had the test for both her pg's and it worked both times for her. But, like was said, we all are different.... I took some Tylenol about an hour before the procedure and it did not really bother me at all...just light AF type cramping. Good luck and hope it works for you!!


Lorisboyd - July 21

I've had it done several times by two different drs. Both did the procedure a little differently. One dr inflated a small balloon to open the tube before putting the dye through and it felt like a sharp cramp. The other dr doesn't do the balloon thing, so it was not uncomfortable. With all of my experiences over the years with infertility treatments, I always ask for a valium before the appt to relax. It makes a HUGE difference and it's your right as a patient to ask for things like that. Good Luck!!!!


Kiimi - July 22

if you ladies could take a look at my thread:Doctors refuse HSG, and give me any advise, it would be greatly appreciated!


manyika - July 22

Hi grad19, I had HSG done last March. They usually prescribe antibiotics for you to take before and after the procedure. Take Ibuprofen 600 - 800 mg one hour before the procedure to minimize the cramping. I still had some cramping though because they had to dilate my cervix to insert the uterine catheter. Once the catheter is in, the speculum is removed and you will be positioned just below the x-ray machine. The dye will be then slowly injected and you can view it while it's being injected into your uterus and out through your fallopian tubes. If your tubes are clear, the dye will spill out into your abdominal cavity. I've read some info that some women can get pregnant after HSG bec. as you said, it clears the tubes out. It's a very short procedure, takes about 15-20 minutes.


thayward7 - July 23

grad19 - haven't read others' answers, but thought I'd tell you about my experience. I don't want to stress you, but it was quite painful for me - my tubes were clear so it was good news. The procedure and pain are fairly quick. Afterwards, I felt fine - mild cramping. I looked at it as a step towards becoming a mom... that got me through it!!! and my ob said "this is nothing compared to labour!" and that made me laugh. Take Care and Good Luck.
- T


Morrison1 - July 23

Hi there grad - I had an HSG done on the 5th of July and I'll be honest, it hurt like mad. Now, one of my tubes "looked" blocked, so that may be why the intense cramping, but it was very painful for me. I usually have a high pain tolerance AND I had taken 800 mg of motrin ahead of time. One of the big drawbacks to an HSG is that it can cause pretty intense smasms which cause tubes to "appear" blocked when they arent. I decided to give ttc a chance this month and since I am not pg yet, I may go have a laparascopy done to be sure that one tube looks OK. But I have been pg and m/c 2X since Feb, so getting pg has not traditionally been a problem. It's now been two months of unlucky ttc for me, so the laparascopy might be the next thing...just to be sure. Good luck and if I were you I would either take a couple shots of tequila first or ask for some pain meds...that way, it may keep you from spasming during the procedure.


ROBYN - July 23

I had mine in February, also extremely nervous. I took a pain killer and some ibuprofen. I was fine. Minor cramping afterwards. The most uncomfortable part was the dye injection. You'll be fine. Good luck.


grad19 - July 24

Thank you SO much ladies! it really helps to know that other women have had the same issues as me. I'm not looking forward to the test, however I am optimistic that I could get preg shortly after. I really hope it helps, or at least to find out what is going on. This is the last step before Clomid. Good luck to everyone!!!


Terrie - July 28

Hi Grad19. I wanted to share with you my story. My husband and I were ttc for 2 years before I decided to do the HSG. I was so nervous b/c I was told it was painful.... I was actually crying in the waiting room (I couldn't believe ttc actually came to THIS). Well, the test I have to say, was a bit painful for me, but just for a short time..... I also thought of it as one more step closer to being a mother. Anyway, my test was January 9th. On January 17th, I got pregnant!!!! (my dh and I bd from January 11-January 20....everyday - I'm 90% sure my ov. date was the 17th) I am now 29 weeks pregnant and due in October !!! I'm so sure it was from the HSG since my dh and I both tested fine for everything else. It was so worth it now that I look back!!!! I would advise it. It doesn't work for everyone, but it DID work for me and I am so thankful!! Good luck to you and all the ladies on this post.



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