hypothyroidism and fertility?
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L - May 7

Hi there! Is there anyone out there with hypothyroidism? How has it affected your ability to get pregnant?


stacey - May 8

I had my thyroid removed due to cancer a few years back- so I guess you can count me as hypo....I am on synthroid, and as long as your meds are the right dose, there should be no problems. Have your tsh level tested before trying to make sure it's the right dose of meds, and then you have to get it checked again w/in the 1st trimester(I was just at the endocrinologist the other day).


Tami - May 9

They say if the hypothroidism is under control, eg taking synthroid, you shouldn't have a problem. I had 3 healthly kids while on synthroid. However, later when I tried to conceive, I had m/c after m/c until I found out my progesterone levels were too low to support a pregnancy. Hope that helps.


L - May 9

That helps a lot!!! I recently had a blood test done where my TSH was at 4.19, 2 weeks later it was 4.25. I go to the doc tomorrow to see if they're going to do something about it or make me wait SOME MORE!! Thanks again for your help - it makes me feel waaaaaay better!!


stacey - May 9

Tami- when did they decide to check your progesterone level? I've already had one m/c in Jan and am scared that it might happen again. Also, did they decide to check it, or did you ask them to?


Kelly - May 21

Yes! I just found out that I have hypothyroidism and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a year now.


Leslie - July 16

Stacey - regarding the progesterone, you can usually tell whether it's okay by charting your temperature (doesn't work for everyone). For more info and a guide about how to do this try "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler -- she also has lots of info on her website (just type in the name of the book). This really works! Good luck!


Leslie - July 16

Stacey -- on second thought, just ask them for a progesterone test. It's a simple blood test and they shouldn't have a problem with it. I've been going through this process for two years and have learned that you really need to do a lot of your own research and ask for what you want until you're satisfied that you're being given proper care. Good luck! Getting pregnant once is a great sign and you should be very hopeful!


Cendy - July 16

I had a total thyroidectomy in December of 2003 due to enlarged goiter caused by Graves disease, so now I guess I am considered hypothyroid. I am on Synthroid 137 mcg per day and we have been TTC for 9 months now with no luck. My thyroid levels and progesterone are within normal levels, but still no baby. I already have two boys, but we are hoping to have a litle girl this time. For the past three months we have been on 50 mg of Clomid and about to go on our 4th cycle of it. The next step in our journey is to have a fasting blood sugar test. Diabetes runs in our family, so they want to rule that out. My doctor said that could be one reason I was not getting pregnant. With my two boys, I got pregnant rather quickly, but 4 years after our second son, my body just is not the same after the thyroidectomy. I am now charting, using Preseed, ovulation predictors tests, and using a ferning scope to pinpoint my ovulation, but I am still not having any luck. Maybe it is my age. I am 30 years old, and not in the best of shape so maybe that has something to do with it. I would love to hear from others who are having the same problem as me. Knowing that there are others in the same boat really helps you get through trying times like these. Baby dust wishes to you all!


merlee - July 16

Hi, everyone. After I had been ttc for 1 yr, a friend told me that she had trouble getting pg and her doc tested for hypothyroidism, she was put on Synthroid and got pg after only 2 mo. So I asked my doc to test and I was hypo and put on synthroid. I have been on it for 1.5 yrs and still not pg. Then I discovered that I had low progesterone (tested high for prolactin which suppresses progesterone). I have been using natural progesterone cream for 6 mo and prolactin and prog are now normal and still not pg. I am one of those "unexplained infertility" cases and grasping at straws. Very Frustrated!!!



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