Hypothyrodism ,ttc for a year and down right digusted
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Joey - May 28

Three years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have had my levels adjusted plenty of times over the years. I have been ttc for one year today. I decided to start charting. In the middle of my cycle I had horrible cramps as if I actually did ovulate but according to my bbt, I had no temp rise. Eight days after what I thought was me ovulating I noticed my temps starting to rise . Two days after that witch would be 10 PO, I had cramps for 10 minutes and a tinge of blood. The following day I started my period. Any idea what this could be? Does anyone know if under treated thyroid causes this?? Have 2 doctors appt scheduled but worried and concerned. I really want to give my 5 year old daughter a little brother or sister. Anyone who has been ttc for a while with NO luck can understand how frustrating it can be. Any info anyone can provide would be most appreciated.



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