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Lucky717 - November 9

Has anyone ever experienced this? Did it happen late in your cycle? What does it feel like? I have so much pressure in my abdomen and soreness on both sides. I'm on CD 25 and took Femara 5mg CD 3-7 and took the Ovidrel shot on CD13 to O on CD14. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Tenk - November 9

Lucky...I don't know exactly what it would feel like BUT I would assume that if you had hyperstimulation it would occur around ovulation time. Now, I don't know this for sure...I took clomid this cycle and now on CD 21 my ovaries are both feeling sore or very "twingy" but I think if they were to be over stimulated it would happen at O??? No??? Do you maybe have cysts on your ovaries? I had a PAP today so I know I don't...maybe it's b/c you actually did conceive this cycle???


Tracy88 - November 10

I did the lowest dose of Gonal-F with trigger shot and hyperstimmed, but also got pregnant. The thing was, I had no idea I had hyperstimmed until a week after I got my positive pregnancy test. I had an ultrasound a week after finding out I was PG and my ovaries were HUGE!!! They put me on bedrest and repeated the ultrasounds every two weeks to check their progress. Needless to say, I have been on bedrest for almost two months now. I felt nothing, I was just bloated, so I had no idea I had hyperstimmed. I suspected I was bloated from taking fertility meds, not enlarged ovaries. Just make sure before you start your next line of treatment, or if you find out you are PG, that you get an U/S before moving on. The only reason my ovaries have taken so long to get smaller is because with pregnancy, your hormone levels go up so they don't have much of a chance to shrink. Good luck.


kim d - November 10

hi lucky, this is so weird, i was just thinking that i had OHSS too. i was supposed to get af on tues and for the past 3 days i have been very bloated, so thirsty, had pretty bad chest pains, (tracy88 did you get these too?) im doing my first round of clomid, second, if i get af some day soon, and now im worried. should i talk to my dr about an u/s before i start again?? sorry, im just adding more questions to yours lucky, not really answering!! kim.


Lucky717 - November 10

Thanks Tenk and Tracy. I really appreciate your input. It's the strangest thing because I am super bloated and have this soreness around my lower abdomen. I've never experienced anything like this before. That's why I'm a little concerned.


Lucky717 - November 10

Hi Kim - I would definitely give your Dr. a call. I am going to call mine as soon as they open tomorrow a.m. I've had trouble breathing too.


Tracy88 - November 10

Both of you should call for ultrasounds. Clomid should not be taken without those monthly U/S's before starting it again. I did clomid for three cycles, and the only monitoring I had done were the day21 progesterone tests. I was freaking out each month before I started the next because I was worried about OHSS too. After 3 cycles of mediocre care, I decided to switch to a specialist who would do the scans and all. Your ovaries fill with fluid and can rupture. Drink lots of water and gatorade and don't do any lifting or anything laborious until you know for sure. Please call the doc.


Tracy88 - November 10

Also, make sure you tell the doc about the breathing thing. That is not a good sign (I remember reading something about it). I'm not saying it's a sign of OHSS, just not a good side effect of taking the med.


JB0405 - November 10

Hey Lucky, I went through that about 2 weeks ago! I was in such bad shape that I was walking doubled over and I was put on bed rest! I know how you feel, I had never felt such pain in my life... I did throw up 1 night... Although they told me that most women who go through that end up pregnant, I was NOT one of those lucky women... I do hope that you ARE one of those lucky women! Good Luck!


JB0405 - November 10

Oh yeah, my breathing was short too!! It is one of the effects OHS! Do make sure and tell your dr! I had the tightness in the stomach and the soreness! I truly know how you feel!



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