Hyperstimulated Ovaries?!
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Heather - October 27

Has anyone had any experience with hyperstimulated ovaries? I have been taking clomid for a while now and was having some severe pain over my ovaries that only lasted a couple of days. Dr said she thinks my ovaries where hyperstimulated & then she increased my clomid dose. Doesn't clomid cause this? I have been thinking about taking a couple of months off of it (a break) but now they want to increase....


Edy - October 27

Heather- Are you having u/s to monitor your follicles? I had very sharp pains while taking Clomid and I made 4 mature Follicles. I did not hyperstimulate. If you MD thought you Hyperstimulated, she definetly should not have increased your dose.... Hope this helps..


me - October 27

I agree with Edy. If your ovaries are supposedly hyperstimulated, why would your dr INcrease your dose? She should be monitoring you as your follicles are developing. My RE says that if you have more than 2 mature follicles, it is a result of an improper dosage. That is just his opinion though. I am sure Edy's dr thought seh was in no harm with 4. Either way, you should be monitored with ultrasound to see if you are indeed being over stimulated. If that is the case, I would either have your dosage decreased or stopped for a month with monitoring. Good luck!


Heather - October 28

Thanks for the advice. My dr has never monitored my follicles. She just now wants to start progesterone testing on day 19. I've taken the clomid 6 times now. I started provera 4 days ago and now am wishing I hadn't. I may be Oing late on my own. I don't know... On the hunt for a new dr.


CC - October 28

Heather, you should hunt for a new Dr! They should be monitoring you while taking the Clomid, and after 6 cycles, they should have you stop taking it...Good luck and I think you are making the right decision.


Heather - October 31

Thank you... I needed SOMEONE to tell me what I should do. I really appriciate it! *~*~*~*~



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