Hydrosalpinx anyone?
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SaintRose83 - November 13

Hello Alanas Mommy well a lot has changed since I wrote that responce... well bad news is I had another mc at 5 weeks. good news is that the stupid kaiser doctor read my slides wrong and i don't have hydro at all. turns out that my lh hormone is higher than the fsh hormone, which can indicate pcos. i am with shady grove now and am getting ready to do an injectable meds. although shady grove doesn't think its hormonal ( guessing lining issue) they will be monitoring me more closly and hopefully we can figure out what is causing these repeat mc's.


Alanas Mommy - November 15

I'm very sorry about the mc! I think I had one (I would have been 5 weeks as well), but I never had it confirmed by a doctor. I had a hpt come back pos. That is great news that you don't have to worry about a blocked tube anymore! I mean, with a blocked tube your only option is ivf... well, unless you have 1 good tube... in my case I only have 1 tube. But I don't think I have hydro, honestly. I think I never did because I don't see how it could have cleared up on it's own. I wonder if that's possible. Because I did get pregnant & have my daughter 5 years or something after the diagnosis. Anyway, gl to you! I know I don't know you, but I will keep you in my prayers... I really hope that you can get pregnant soon & put all this ttc/infertility stuff behind you! Well, hopefully me as well! I don't know what shady grove is, but I hope they can help you! gl! - Kelly -


wannaboy - November 15

Hello everyone! I'm new to this thread. I always find myself feeling so much better after reading and seeing that I'm not alone. I've been TTC for a year now and its soooooo hard mentally. I have to pray, pray. and pray. i get so down at times. So I decided today that i need to share my story and be an inspiration to someone. I just completed my 3rd round of clomid. The 1rst rd was 50mg 2nd was 100mg the last was 150mg and that was the easiest one. I had no side effects until a week later the my Dr found a huge cyst on my ovaries. He said, "it's normal but u probably didn't conceive this month" I was so upset. My AF is due on Sat. Hopefully she won't come. But I don't know. I've had a HSG. I got a trigger shot while on my second round of clomid,and nothing. I feel so bloated and I'm not sure whether its the Af coming or these freakin fertility drugs.LOL! At times, I'm ready to give up. But I know I have to trust GOD. He will Bless me in his timing. I have to keep the faith. so BLESSINGS and babydust to us all!!!!


Alanas Mommy - November 19

Hi Wannaboy. I just got your post. I totally understand your frustrations! It really takes a lot out of a person ttc for so long. It's like every month I just continue to set myself up for disappointment! I feel like I might be setting myself up for a major disappointment if I don't conceive in 3 cycles of Clomid:( We'll see if fd's work. I'm on cd16 right now. I think I may have O'd yesterday, but can't be sure. I wasted all of my OPT tests before I even O'd:) LOL! I need to get some more. Anyway, Wannaboy, did AF come? I really, really hope this was the month for you! Like you said, I always just remember that God has a plan for all of us. I prayed to be given the opportunity to have a child & the same month I found out I was pregnant. Prayer really works if you really put all your faith into God. I already have my baby girl (she's 20 months), but I really want one more. Sometimes I feel guilty trying for another, knowing how blessed I am to have my miracle baby:) It doesn't hurt to try. I really want my daughter to have a sibling! I have 6 siblings & it was always great having such a big family! Either way I will try to be prepared for. Anyway ladies, gl to you! I will keep all of you in my prayers & I will be sprinkling baby dust your ways! Take care! ~Kelly~


Hope2016 - January 19

I have just come across this site whilst looking for a forum for people diagnosed with hydro.
Over the last 18months I have suffered 2 ectopics, 1 missed miscarriage at 10 weeks and a early miscarriage. Orignally I was referred to the recurrent miscarriage unit where I was then later discharged being told there was nothing wrong with me and that it was sheer bad luck. 3 months later I had my last ectopic (sept 2015) of which I pleaded for help in the hospital. I was then referred to the fertility clinic of which we had our first appointment in Dec. I had numerous blood tests done along with paying for the egg reserve blood test. (I am 38) At the end of Dec I admitted myself to hosiptial with horrendous lower pain in my right ovary area. At first they thought it was my appendix, however on an internal scan it showed a heavily swollen fallopian right tube filled with fluid. I was then diagnosed with hydro. I was not given anything and was told it would be discussed at my nect fertility appointment in Jan 16. Prior to this appointment I also paid privately for the Natural Killer Cells test where a biopsy of your womb lining is taken to test for Natural Killer cells. At this appointment an internal scan is done to check the thickness of your womb lining. I mentioned I had been in hospital several weeks before for my right tube. On the scan it showed that my right tube was not swollen, however it was then visible on my left tube! The doc informed me that hydro comes and goes, and for it to be picked up on a scan meant that they were very swollen. He did also say that your tubes mirror each other, so if you have it in one tube you will probably eventually get it in the other. They think mine was caused by my ectopics, as I never had to have surgery as my body rejected both of the foetues on its own.
At my fertility appointment last week I was told I can start ivf in the next few months, however prior to starting it I need to have both my tubes removed, due to both being seen with fluid. They have decided not to check with dye as if visible on a scan then that is proof enough.
I just feel so emotional about the fact that I will never naturally get pregnant again, as the op will be in the next 6 weeks. I'm dreading waking up from the op and knowing that I have 3 chances at ivf and then thats it. I was thinking of just trying up to the op, however I know if I got pregnant again I would only now worry about the toxic fluid, which is the reason they think I keep miscarrying. I have also been diagnosed with 'sticky blood syndrome' which means if I get pregnant again I have to taken aspirin daily and attend weekly at the hospital for blood thinning injections.
Does anyone else have experiences of having both tubes removed and how they felt after would be grately appreciated. Also how long is the recovery period after the op as need to know roughly to let work know.



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