husbands low sperm count, anyone else feel like trying this
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Katt - March 19

I was on the prowl today for the necessities in daily vitamins. My extensive research using the following websites as well as a Dr.'s story, led me conjure up this daily regimine: 1000mg Flaxseed Oil, 1500mg Vit-C (time release), B-100 Complex (tr), Vit-E 400iu w/Selenium, 250mg L-Carnitine, 1000mg L-Arginine, and ZINC 400mg. All purchased at, they have a special right now of buy 1 get 1 and/or buy 2 get 3! I will be pumping him up with these. Websites: &

I will let you know how it turns out. Anyone else trying this avenue?


Jeanette - March 20

Get the HOrny Goat supplement. It works wonders.


kare21162 - March 20

The Horny Goat supplement???? I have never heard of that, LOL. Is it for fertility??? My DH is taking FertilAID for men, I don't know if he has a low sperm count, but just covering all bases.


Leilani14 - March 20

Hi Katt!
I think you are doing the right thing. I believe in vitamins since we had male factor issues. Low cout, low motility, not so great morphology. I've put DH on simmilar vitamin regimen. His dr, just did SA-s every 2 months and he couldnt believe the results.And about 8 months after first SA we concieved naturally. I'm 13 wekks preganat now and everything looks great. His last SA a month ago was more tha normal. His doctor just wonders but he won't admitt that maybe vitamins and a lot of antyoxidans played a role. Take care and good luck.


Katt - March 20

The doc will never admit that, Leilani14, LOL ;) I am definitely glad to hear of your success and it may just bring my husband into better spirits. Thank you so much. Congrats on the pregnancy! Hope all goes awesomely! Kare21162, I am not sure where you got the Horney Goat from, but my hubby been on Fertitlty Blend for Men for about a year and I am not pregnant yet. However, I was recently diagnosed w/hypothyroidism so I may have delayed conception for us. Anyway, he has a count due this week, we'll see if the FBFM helped - I kinda doubt it. I will be axing him it and putting him on the regimem mentioned in my first post. Thanks again Leilani14!


Katt - March 20

oops, sorry Jeanette, I totally missed your post I only saw kare21162's post. my bad :) So, Kare21162, I apologise to you as well for questioning your entry.



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