Husbands Freak out
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jee2 - June 1

I have been TTC for 2.5 years. My RE finally thinks it is time for an IUI. I agree. My DH, however, has freaked out because we have finally hit the big leagues and now all of a sudden wants to stop trying. I cant stop trying for a baby now, we are so close and all I have been doing is crying my eyes out because he wants out. Obviously he is fearful and just tired from all the stress in general, but I have to think of a way to get him to understand me. It is strange. He has turned into such an angry person and no matter how much I try to talk to him about it he wont budge. It is like the only way to get back some control in his life was to turn into a mean stubborn man (so unlike him)...HELP Please give me some ideas and tell me how you might have gotten through these stressful times with your DH!!!


Happiness4e - June 1

Just give him some room, stop the pressure. Stop talking about it for awhile, he must be tired the same you are. Men generally mange there issues differently from us, we cry, yell, blame, they don’t, they keep it inside, and when it comes out, it’s really hard. Just cool it down and he will be ok. Take time off TTC for a month or 2, and he will be ok. Good luck


wannabeamom - June 2

I agree. A month off might be good for both of you. I had to stop ttc because of a large cyst on my right ovary. I realized what a lunatic I was being for a while. When I start up again I am hoping to be less crazy. So maybe schedule the IUI for a month or two away and see if that helps. GL sweetie and hang in there. DH is going through this too, just in a different way. Always know we are here to support you.


Fayble - June 2

hello Jee, Im sure he is reacting this way because that is the only way he knows how to react and let his feelings out. I would cool it down for a little while, maybe go out and do things that is stress free and that will make you happy. I understand the feeling of wanting a baby, sometimes waiting will bring good things. Good luck on everything.



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