Husband with performance aneixty during ovulation
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Chi-Girl - October 29

Alright... do you tell hubby that you're ovulating or not? I ask because it seems like when he knows that it's "game time" he freezes up, like stage fright, or performance aneixty. We both want this more than anything... but when it's TIME it's like he wants it so bad or too bad that we can't get it "right." And that only STRESSES me out even more, because I'm like, "Okay, this isn't dress rehearal... it's opening night." So... do you tell your hubby when you're ovulating or is it better to just keeo it a secret until afterwards?


chandellina - October 29

this month i tried to be really low key about it, because last month we were both flagging big time by the end. (we always seem to start the serious bd'ing too early and then are sick of it by the time o actually is around) the problem is he will ask - are you fertile - and i can't lie! it was better though this month because he sort of knew but didn't seem to feel too pressured.



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