Husband is an a$$hole! *sorry for language and venting*
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MuzikGurl - February 7

Is my husband the only one that is being an asshole about me being on here and sharing my stories about stupid shit that has happened between us...*look on post that says, ' Anyone else starting clomid for the first time!' or something like that.* I sometimes read him posts on here that I think are interesting or to help him feel like we aren't the only couple or I'm not the only woman that is going through what I am going through...but, apparently when I read him my last post he hated it! He started bitching at me and telling me that I put too much information on here! I'm like what?!?!? how?!?! All it is is a story and incident that's not that big of a deal but, he's an asshole for not even giving a shit about what and how I feel about something...the reason I told you guys that story or two was because for this very reason cause I can't talk to him about it anymore than I already have cause he just turns the tv up or walks away or says he's not makes me so mad!!! NO RESPECT!!!!! Am I the only one that is going through something like this or am I out of control???? Please tell me for anything..thanx! *sorry for language*


jcr - February 7

Hi muzicgurl. You were the one that had the 70 day period right?? Are you on clomid this cycle? I think this whole ttc thing for men in just beyond their scope of understanding. Men are fixers and this is something beyond their controll, so I think they don't know what to do. Lots of time I think it comes out as insensitve, but I think they just don't get it. I think these threads are wonderful, because we can vent and say what we want without having them to react. Hang in there my friend!~ BIG HUGS!


hopeful06 - February 7

MuzikGurl.... You are not the only one! Although my dh isn't upset at me for posting, I haven't given him the chance....I purposely didn't tell him because I knew that it would get out of control in the same way. What jcr said is true....Men feel like they have no control over ttc, but they think they should. My dh tries to act "macho," you know the type!! He's supposed to be a "manly man" and he feels like he can't even get his wife pregnant. (Although we know there's more to it than that!!) He feels like it's his fault and gets upset if he thinks I talked to my sister about things--let alone posting it online. I don't think guys understand that women need to talk. We need support from other women who are going through the same things as we are. Men don't seem to talk about things as much as we do. I know it's not biological--it's our society and what it values. If we want our husbands to be more open about these things we need to work together to make it more acceptable--not something that they should be ashamed of. That's easier said than done though..... Good luck and I'm glad you could vent!!


jg - February 7

Too much information?? Too much info would be if you included your full names, address and phone number!!! It's anonymous, so you can say whatever you want in the most intimate detail and noone is ever going to know who you are, and that's the beauty of this forum - you can let it all out without worrying that you are going to ever meet the people you are talking with. Guys just don't get the need to talk about things in the smallest detail. So next time he "turns the tv up or walks away or says he's not listening" get on here and talk to all your anonymous friends!!!


Dianna - February 7

First of all you have to stay calm and stress free if you let him continue to upset you that will send your hormones flying every which way but the right way. That will make it hard for you to conceive You have to beat him at his own game the next time he turns up the T.V walk over to the T.V and turn it up a little more and walk away. when you feel he gets ready to walk out the door stand there and open it for him . My point is when a man knows what ticks you off he will always use that on you. Half the time they do this so they can go some where and they start up an arguement and this makes it easier for them to walk out. You ask if you were out of control. you are only out of control if you let your self take you there. Don't let him get under your skin. You should know his routine by now you just have to reverse it that will mess his mind up like what the Hell just happen. Dont allow yourself to be left in the house. Now and then get sexy just for you pamper your self girl do things to relax you even if it is just to take a calgon bath watch a favorite show take a walk clear your mind when you are alone lay in the bed listen to some soft relaxing music and beleive me when he try to pluck your nerves as days go on it wont faze you one bit. Try by tuning him out. If you feel like you are going to curse him out turn your back on him and tell him speak to the back of the head cuz the face ain't looking at cha and walk away even if you have to take that walk.One day at a time Muzikgurl. Just take one day at a time.


lynn - February 7

hi, i haven't told my dh that I post on here. Last year he was accusing me of going on to chat rooms and chatting with guys online. Checking my email, bank statements, mobile phone bills, anything to try and confront me with. I dont know why he is like this. Must be insecurity because we cant conceive but it caused so many arguments that most of the time I only use the computer when he is out. I know if I told him I was posting messages on here he just wouldnt understand. I hate having to keep things secret but its easier for my sanity that way so I know where you are with the frustration.


Em - February 7 sorry. My dh is like that too. Please come join me at baby poops. Go to trying to get pregnant and signs of pregnancy. We have alot of a--hole sh there...


Equuss - February 7

If it makes ya feel any better MuzikGurl, my dh doesn't care for me to come here. either He seems to think that me reading other women's experiences is making me paranoid about my next future pg. Also he doesn't like the fact that I'm spilling my guts to strangers. So I , like so many other women on here, can't get the reassurence or comfort or information, what ever it may be, from our husbands/partners. I'll speak for myself & say that I can't talk to my dh like I can on here.... Men are just different from us women! You'd think we were from different planets! lol.........BTW Dianna,- When I read = tell him speak to the back of the head cuz the face ain't looking at cha",....i lmao ~*:*Baby*:*Dust*:*~


bump - February 7



jcr - February 8

muzikgurl are you there?? I hope you didn't bury dh in your back yard-you need him for this ttc thing!!!!! hang in there girl. Dianna, you gave excellent advice! I am going to take you up on some of it!! Bellyrubs.


Dianna - February 8

GM every one Muzikgurl are you okay. Just wanted you to know to take care of your self and for you to hold your head up. We are all going to hit a lot of bumps to get what we want and what we need.We just have to stick together so we don't crash. Baby dust to all Have a good day


Dianna - February 8

P.S Equuss and JCR I just get upset when I see a man try to make a situation worse instead of trying to find a way to make it better.Having someone in your life means you band together you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. If Gasoline is lying on the ground you don't need him there standing with a match in his hand. My Dh is Military United States Army and I let him know from the jump don't get the two confused the only time I want orders is when we BD ing other than that we sit and compromise it took him by surprise that he met some one like me this man does anything in the world for me as I would do for him. My Sister in law and the rest of the family has seen a great change in him as far as him being so demanding and strong headed. They ask where was I hiding. We been together six years even though he is 17 yrs older than me I didn't know it at the time he didn't look his age at all . Well I have to go to work Baby Dust TTC Family


Equuss - February 8

I totally agree w/ you Dianna..It irritates me seeing a guy being a total a-hole to his wife/ gf /partner.. & I'm hoping that Muzicgurl & her dh were just having a bad day. I know that my dh & I have them once in awhile when we are really stressed out. ..(ttc can be stressful)...Muzicgurl? You ok hon??? I guess the best advice I can give to ya is, to sit down & discuss things w/ your hubby. jcr & Dianna are right & they've had the best advice I've heard yet. We would luv to hear back from ya Muzicgurl...


MuzikGurl - February 8

HELLO EVERYONE! I'm here!!! no, I didn't bury my husband instead I made love to him...but what was funny about it is that mom walked right in on us! It was so totally messed up his buzz....he got major blue balls...after about 45 to an hour in pain...I started to feel sorry for him and gave him a kiss...but then I was mad at my mom for not waiting for us to reply when she knocked. But, anyways...I'm on my last day of clomid..I'm getting excited just wondering what day should I start testing for ovulation? I got to the dr. on the, maybe he can tell there??? I don't know what's in stored for me when I go cycles are so before I had 76 day cycle (yes, jcr I'm the one) and this past one was only 25 days...this af is still going I'm on day 10 now...I'm tired of bleeding...and cramping...does anyone think it could be the clomid?? Well, anyways...I wanna say thanks to everyone for having my back in here...seems like when we got married I thought he would but silly me for ever thinking Take Care everyone!


jswmls - February 9

Hi!! I think this site is great. I haven't really been able to talk to anybody face to face about what is going on because in person I worry what someone is going to think, and if the person hasn't been there they don't know what you're going through. I have gotten more great information and support on here than I have from anywhere or anybody else. Good luck to all you ladies and thanks for being there for everyone on here who's needed you and continue to need you.



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