hungary on clomid?
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michelle - March 1

hello on clomid(day 8), i seem hungry all the time, maybe just in my mind, anyone else the same?


jb - March 1

only on day 4 so will let u know soon!!! Not long till u ovulate??? This morning i am only on day 4 but for some reason i am having a lot of creamy mucus and it even has like a browny/pinky colour 2 it any ideas???? IM CONFUSED xx


Renee - March 1

I've noticed more creamy mucus too starting a few days ago (I'm on day 10). I don't think I've been more hungry though (I'm usually always hungry anyway! lol).


jb - March 1

day 10 is a good place to be from what i hear off this board xx look like yr gonna be having an early night!haha Im only on tablet 4 tonight and its thick and pinky im real confused there is no way i can be ovulating this early so what is it do u think xx


michelle - March 2

hello, glad i found this web site so nice to see that we are all in same boat.
not sure about the mucus, perhaops its a side effect, butit seems as tho its doing something and hopefully working, i'm on day 9 now, had creamy mucus/discharge yesterday. i might startdoing ovulation tests as i dunno wheter to believe ovulation is on day 14??? if my cycle is 23 days this month or 25 like usual there 's no way i will ovulate onday 14!!!!
lol, i'm hungary all the time too but even more so on these! had my first hot night last night, woke up dripping with sweat!thought i'd put on loads of weight where i've been stuffing and i've lost 3lb strange and my belly is really bloated. gonna do an ovulation test now!


michelle - March 2

it was negative, will do every day now tho.



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