Hubby Not Ready To TTC Again, but Iam, PLZ Help!
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christina - January 18

hi, i have a 6 month old son darin, and me and dh tried for him for over 4 years. iam petrified about having that happen again, cause 5 out of the past 6 months, i have been ttc, basically on my own (well he's not using birth control eigther, but he's not charting, etc), and if this were to take another 4 years what would happen? iam only 28, but he is 45. how long does he wat to wait? i know having a small child is hard, but i really always wanted 2 children, and when i was pregnant so did he, and it seems like now the rules changed, and he's content with just one, and i do want another. we were never found to have a real problem. it was unexplained infertility, and we went on clomid, so i have a clomid baby. i wish i could go on clomid again without him knowing, but that is a fantasy, cause i know that would be wrong, and i'd never really do that, it's just a feeling. do any of you know what i mean? he's not getting younger, and i feel so blessed for what we have believe me, but i want anbother child, and iam scared we will not have that. does anyone have a dh that is not as into ttc right now, as you, and how can i talk to him, and try to make him see the situation. i mean if 1 year from now, he says ok, lets do it, who is to say it is going to just happen, it didn't with my son. thanks for listening to me. iam just frustrated. i know if i fell pregnant, he's be thrilled, but on our own i see little hope of that.



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