hsg trigger causing tender breasts?
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eden - May 21

I had to take my first hsg trigger this month and I am experiencing very sore breasts, nipples. Is this normal. I am 7dpo.


Galina - May 22

Hi eden, this is very normal. I am on my 3rd IUI and my bbs have been very sore and nipples also all throught the days until I got af. So, my point is, for your own emotional well-being, the side effects of the HCG trigger are very similar to pg symptoms. Good luck to you. I am also 7dpo.


greeneyedgemini616 - May 22

I am going through the same things and I also used the trigger and I am 5dpo. I already feel pg b/c of that shot.


cmelissa - May 22

Me too, my bbs are so sore it hurts to walk up and down stairs, its frustrating b/c you want it so badly to be pregnancy symptoms, you never know though!! Waiting to find out on the 30th!!


eden - May 24

Thanks girls. My bbs have never been more sore. Unfortunately I can tell af is on her way. I get these twinges in my pelvic area that let me know she is on her way. I can't test until 28, 29th.


cmelissa - May 24

HI Eden,
You never know you still could be preggers, I heard you sometimes get cramping. Baby dust and good luck!!



I have the same problem my bbs hurt like H@ll.



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